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There is no “back to normal”

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Cities are opening up, vaccines are going out, masks are coming off, summer is approaching ☀️. As much as things may seem to be going back to normal, some things are far from business as usual, specifically: how we do business.

Black women are bossin’ up in their businesses

Black women all over have made pivots in their careers during the pandemic due to unemployment or else to adjust to new roles as caregivers or homeschool teachers. As Alisha Tillery writes for ZORA this week, we’re learning new skills, starting our own businesses and investing in our time.

Across the board, Black women were impacted the most [by the pandemic], but they are also a key group working themselves back up to success and freedom… Black women have been taking the necessary foundational steps to get what they want out of their work lives. “Black women have started to invest in themselves in a way that they may have never done before, and not just from a perspective of just career, but transitioning to understanding ‘how do I take better care of myself?’”

What can you do to make sure you’re taking care of yourself? We’re not going back to the days when we were tiring ourselves out at a 9–5. If we’ve learned anything from Miss Rona, it’s that our selves and our health must come first. As we get closer to summer, we hope you remember to find time to balance your work and your real life. Not everything needs to go back to the way it was.

Make your money, don’t let it make you!

Take care,

— Jolie A. Doggett

Senior editor, ZORA

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