When You Want to Have a Hot Girl Summer but Don’t Know How

After living through a pandemic, I feel anything but “hot.”

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When Meg Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” went viral in early summer 2019, women from all walks of life quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Then, COVID hit, and summer 2020 was officially canceled and consisted mainly of online DJ parties, what we now know as Versuz, and way too many social media dance challenges. But now, as the world has begun to reopen and it appears that summer 2021 is scheduled to be on and popping, handfuls of women are gearing up for a hot girl summer 2020 redo, and I’m even a little curious myself. But there’s just one problem. I don’t know how to have a hot girl summer, and I have a lot of questions. For example, are hot girl summers reserved only for women 30 and younger? Do golden girls like myself, who are 35 and up, need to sit this one out? And if more mature women are invited to twerk a little something, what if you’re somewhat of a prude by nature? This then leads to my biggest question — what about COVID?

Because I would embarrass myself trying to twerk, when I hear certain City Girl songs and the sun happens to reflect off my sunglasses just right, I can’t help but feel a strong body roll takeover. When this happens, I want to throw caution to the wind and get a new pair of teeth, buy a Birkin bag, and tell random people who agitate me, “act up you can get snatched up.” But then, I instantly come to my senses and tell myself to sit down somewhere. The truth is there are two challenges standing between myself and having a hot girl summer — my inherently modest demeanor and not feeling comfortable sharing recycled oxygen with strangers in tight spaces. Although the country has made strides in the fight against COVID, let’s face it, the virus is still very much real, and I am not willing to take any chances to kick it.

Embracing what I am comfortable with has been instrumental in me being a little more relaxed.

While engaging in my last nightly Instagram scroll before bed, it dawned upon me that a hot girl summer does not have to entail the installation of porcelain white chiclet veneers and spandex bodycon midi dresses unless I want it to. While I am far from boring, I’m not the type to leave the house in scantily clad clothing, and by and large, I am content with my current set of teeth — and that’s okay. There’s something out here for everyone.

But then there’s my apprehension about COVID that has improved immensely, but I still sometimes struggle with, and for a good reason. I constantly remind myself that although our new normal is drastically different from the world we lived in less than two years ago, it’s possible still to have my version of a hot girl summer safely. In February, I went to Tulum for a friend’s birthday and had an amazing experience. Not only was I able to get some much-needed rest and relaxation from my role as a wife and mother, but I also enjoyed five-star cuisine and luxurious amenities and accommodations. When I returned from my trip, I promised myself that I would no longer continue putting life on hold. While I will remain cautious about the virus, I have been intentional in upholding my commitment to live life freely without consistently placing contingencies on engaging in activities that bring me joy, which has been challenging but necessary.

Having a hot girl summer is about having permission to feel good in my own skin and enjoy myself while doing so.

Most restaurants and businesses have been vigilant about adhering to social distancing and COVID safety guidelines from what I have observed. Awareness has been vital in feeling more at ease when going out to dinner or when grabbing a quick drink with a girlfriend. Before going out, I make sure to research my destination to confirm that they comply with current CDC safety guidelines. I also have found that having girl’s nights at each other’s homes can be just as fun as going out for a night on the town. Traveling has even been made incredibly safe and relatively painless post-pandemic.

Simply put, having a hot girl summer is about having permission to feel good in my own skin and enjoy myself while doing so. Beyond that, it can mean different things for different women. So, maybe my hot girl summer will include not working as much, traveling more, and taking more time to engage in self-care. While I might not be at Liv in Miami popping bottles with Diddy every weekend this summer, I still want to go out periodically to enjoy scenic rooftop parties and canoodle in swanky lounges and restaurants for decadent meals and an occasional glass of wine. Coincidently, accepting who I am and embracing what I am comfortable with has been instrumental in me being a little more relaxed. I realize I have nothing to prove to anyone.

Professor, Forbes Contributor, Race Scholar, Activist, Therapist, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Wife, Mother, & Addict of Ice Cream &Cheese. www.drmaiahoskin.com

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