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Every body has a summer body

Hey ZORA fam!

Memorial Day is upon us and that means the summer season has officially begun! The world is starting to open up, some of us might not feel quite ready to open up along with it.

A lengthy quarantine may have left you feeling awkward or, let’s be honest, a little softer since 2019. But as Dr. Maia Hoskin writes in her essay for ZORA, hot girls summer has nothing to do with your body, it starts with your mindset.

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Having a hot girl summer is about having permission to feel good in my own skin and enjoy myself while doing so. Beyond that, it can mean different things for different women. So, maybe my hot girl summer will include not working as much, traveling more, and taking more time to engage in self-care. …Accepting who I am and embracing what I am comfortable with has been instrumental in me being a little more relaxed. I realize I have nothing to prove to anyone.

Summer is whatever you make it to be. Embrace your body and embrace what fun means to you. Most importantly, enjoy yourself! It’s been a long time since we’ve been out, so go ALLLL out (safely of course!)

Here’s to the best summer ever!

Take care,

— Jolie A. Doggett

Senior platform editor, ZORA

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