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May’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Signals Massive Change

This lunar move helps us to sort out truth versus fantasy.

Photo by maggie hung on Unsplash

The monthly ZORAscope comes out at the beginning of each month and you can always check here for the full astrological situation. But for today, here’s what you need to know about the May 2021 full moon and lunar eclipse.

“This eclipse signals a massive change when it comes to our beliefs, religion, and sense of global community. The changes from an eclipse take place over the following six months, but this marks a turning point for determining what we consider to be truth or fantasy. We have to let go of rigid and self-righteous beliefs, especially when they infringe upon the freedom and health of others. It’s doubtful that we’ll end up singing happy songs and holding hands anytime soon, but we have to release our ignorance in order to make it as a people.”

We had eclipses last summer too and the following six months brought numerous lessons. For now, read the Zorascope below to learn about what to expect and check back in June for a new month in astrology.



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