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Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.
Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

The first story on the new loan forgiveness program that popped in my newsfeed was one from CNBC: Department of Education announces Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Changes by Abigail Johnson Hess.

The crazy part is, I was just talking about this. Then, on September 27, 2021, I (probably like…

Photo: Lee chinyama/Pexels

The entitlement of White men is notorious and well-documented. They think nothing of laying claim to land they just sailed their ships up to and forcing their religion upon other cultures they haven’t deigned to understand. Also, boat shoes. Therefore, it should not surprise you to hear that after spending…

An Alternative Opinion

Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

“Smile, girl.”

When the words fell out of the mouth of whatever random man I passed on the street, I would feel as though a match was lit in my chest.

I would look up to this stranger, only then becoming conscious of my face. A face that, up until…

Jay Nelson Blackfishing alongside Nicki Minaj | Photo Credit | Nicki Minaj Twitter Account

So, Nicki Minaj is playing with fire once again. A few weeks back, she found herself in the hot seat after spreading false information about vaccines. That’s wild because Black people are more likely to die of COVID, so spreading these lies hurt the Black community. …

About a month ago, a photographer I follow on Instagram posted a special code to buy tickets to an “Untitled Chappelle Event” at the Hollywood Bowl on October 7. …

The past, peace, and guidance

Without the dark clouds above, the seeds sown below would not get water to grow. (Photo: Adam_Tumidajewicz)

1. Your Past No Longer Controls You

The ego loves the past and wants to hold on so tightly it refuses to let go. It loves the old sense of self so much it brings it into every new story.

The ego loves the past story, but the universe doesn’t love that.

The universe doesn’t want the…

Image courtesy of Alex Green via PEXELS

“Sometimes I think I’m going to come home and find that you’ve hung yourself.”

That’s what my partner said to me almost ten years to the day, and I can still feel the chill kicking from my A/C and the agitation in my partner’s voice as I sat crying on…

Photo by Robin Gislain Gessy on Unsplash

One of my favorite photos of myself is from high school. I’m standing in a pumpkin patch wearing dramatically big gold hoop earrings, my natural curls, and a frown. (Do you just love my fall-themed intro, or what?)

I thought of this photo last month when my therapist asked me…

Memories, mission, and meaning

There’s more to the story than we can remember. (Photo: Catkin)

1. You Agreed to Forget Everything

Imagine coming to earth knowing you had a sit down with God, mapped out your entire life, and shook hands with him after signing a soul contract.

How would you act?

As a human who was going to grow to develop an ego, if you knew this information, you’d be…


How often have you not known exactly what to buy when you shop for wine? Right in time for the fall social season, Afrobella found expert help in Chasity Cooper. Image: Woman shopping for wine/Getty Images

I enjoy drinking it, but I can’t lie — I don’t know as much as I could about wine. I’m always willing to learn, and the more I try, the more varieties I discover that I enjoy. That said, without an expert handy, I’d just be circling the aisles at…


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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