Eclipses Are Warning You: Let Go or Be Dragged

Let’s unpack 2020 summer astrology and eclipses near Juneteenth and Fourth of July

Astrologers told us that 2020 was going to be a helluva year. And so far, it has given us more to think about than we could possibly have imagined. As Covid-19 continues to spread, we are also witnessing and partaking in a renewed fight against anti-Black racism that is taking shape around the globe. To many, the messages in the stars have a lot to say about who we are, why we are this way, and how we can use the energy of the cosmos — and in our own prayers — to shift things one way or the other.

Have you felt the pressure building? Of course you have. We already had one spring eclipse on June 5, and we have two more to go in a 30-day period. Whew. That’s a lot of energy. Here’s what it means, and how to work with it for the upcoming June 21 and July 5 eclipses.

First up? The basics. There are six eclipses in 2020, and eclipses are important no matter your position on the globe. Being able to physically view any eclipse depends upon your location on the planet and your time of day when the eclipse occurs in the cosmos. If you really want to see them, NASA has cameras you can view. Astrologically speaking, being able to view — or not view — the eclipse has little bearing on the power and energy shift to be expected. The presence of an eclipse means something usually is coming to an end or a major shift is coming. Astrologers also believe a person can “work with” the energy of a moment, though many do not recommend doing anything extra during an eclipse.

ZORA’s resident astrologer Ashleigh D. Jay answers seven questions on the eclipses of 2020, and what they mean in these troubled times of the pandemic of Covid-19 paired with the pandemic of systemic racism.

ZORA: Experts make a big deal out of eclipses. Why are they important?

Ashleigh D. Jay: Eclipses are important to note because they are considered an emotional reset. They mark a major turning point in our lives.

“Eclipses are energies that are saying: Let go or be dragged.”

What should we do with this summer’s eclipses? People say do rituals and whatnot, but should we?

Sometimes you gotta sit back and let these eclipses eclipse. We don’t have to do ritual or manifestation work all of the time. It’s too easy to try to call in something that’s not ultimately good for you. In some instances, our desires do a total 180 because we learn a new truth. Some things get eclipsed out of your life, and too often we try to hold tight to something that needs to be removed. Eclipses are energies that are saying: Let go or be dragged. Eclipse energy is too chaotic to do ritual work that you wish to result in clarity or security.

What did the full moon lunar eclipse on June 5 — when all the George Floyd protests were going on — mean?

There are major connections because full moons are usually where we have a lot of heightened energy and activity. Astrologically, a lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids. Full moons use the light of the sun to reflect and help us see what we have in front of us. Then we can make a decision on what needs to be released as we move forward and the full moon decreases in light. Under full moons, for example, you can have a breakup or leave a job or experience a moment of separation that has been brought to light. You realize a change needs to be made.

When it comes to a lunar eclipse, this increases many times over.

This particular lunar eclipse was major because it was a Sagittarius full moon and Sagittarius represents foreign countries, philosophy, religion, international travel, law, higher education, and the global community. We were having such a show of support from around the world in countries where you wouldn’t even consider that you had so many allies, like in Germany. They were turnt up! The energy that lunar eclipse brought is the energy of drastically confronting racism and racial tension and issues with immigration and international relations. The ripple effects will fan out for the next six to 12 months. It’s not always obvious — when you’re in the middle of the eclipse — what’s being changed.

What sign are these eclipses in and why does that matter?

Eclipses usually show up in the sign that the lunar nodes are in. For the last 18 months, the nodes were in Cancer and Capricorn, so those eclipses and those lunations may have been very potent and powerful the last few years. The nodes are the points that mark our soul’s journey through our light and shadow as we live our destiny, karma, and purpose. Eclipses are potent because they activate transformations in nearly every aspect of life.

Now the nodes are in Gemini and Sagittarius. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is a mutable sign. Mutable signs assist us with adaptation by closing a cycle so you can start afresh with the following cardinal sign. Sagittarius is the final fire sign in the zodiac and wants to make change via baptism by fire. People are like, “This is the end, I’m done with this.” So of course people chose fire as a way to express their fervent beliefs.

What does this June 20–21 eclipse mean for most of us?

It’ll be a solar eclipse and it is essentially during a new moon. The moon rules Cancer and it’s also a Cancer new moon and solar eclipse and it’s not a joke. I think we’re going to see a lot of news around whether or not we can still freely move about. There may be some issues with having to go back to sheltering in place and being back on lockdown when these new numbers for infections come out. It’s gonna be necessary for people to slow down. It sounds so woo woo, but you really need to dig into what you’re feeling and what you’re sensing and what you’re experiencing and what you’re nourishing yourself with. I expect it’ll be an extremely emotional and reflective time. Prepare to contend with strong emotions and reactions from yourself and others.

“Listen, I know the girls are gonna want to get out there and do their Fourth of July whatever. But your girl — as in me — is going to be at the homestead minding her own business.”

How can I use this eclipse power?

People usually will do various rituals for new moons and full moons. Eclipse energy is at times too chaotic to really do ritual work or manifestation that you want to tie to building your future. All that long-term vision work? Aggressive building toward the things you hold near and dear? I wouldn’t do a bunch of ritual work around or during eclipses.

That said, we need all the prayer and intercession we can get so if you’re going to do anything during the next month or so — magic wise — be cautious. Try to do the things you are comfortable with and familiar with; this is not the time to freestyle. Also with eclipses try not to be attached to figuring out the perfect answer to what everything means to you right now. You might be wrong about what this moment meant to do in your life.

The larger stories in the media can also reflect what’s happening in your own life, especially the stories we find ourselves paying attention to the most. Look at your life, and reflect on why these topics resonate with you.

We have a lunar eclipse coming up on July 4…

Listen, I know the girls are gonna want to get out there and do their Fourth of July whatever. But your girl — as in me — is going to be at the homestead minding her own business. Jupiter will be joining up with Pluto, people will be staunch in their bullshit. There could be a frightening increase or use of police presence or local mobs. Hold on to your fireworks. Please do not waste bullets by shooting them in the air. Be mindful of family arguments that go too far. People will be in the mood to fight. I need folks to really tuck it in this year. I know we are thirsty to get outside and enjoy the summer, but honestly, if we can’t keep a lid on it and keep things cute, it’s not going to be good. If you’re grilling, have a system for preparing and distributing food. Connect quickly, and then get back inside.

Director, Multicultural @Medium. Focusing on ZORA, Momentum, Level and bolstering creators of color. All ideas welcome. And yes, I’ll still be writing.

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