Your May 2021 Horoscope: A Lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde

May’s astrological messages ask us to look within

May kicks off with us still reeling from the revelations of the Scorpio full moon while also seeking fresh definitions of stability. These horoscopes are written with you in mind. Short on time? Think about the below three things to keep in mind for the month. Sitting down with your coffee or tea? Peep the detailed astrological summary of the month. Scroll beyond that to find specific thoughts for your sign.

Three things to keep in mind

  • How do you nurture the people/possessions/knowledge you value?
  • The Saturn retrograde could feel like your mind is being blown. Let it.
  • The Mercury retrograde in Gemini approaches at the end of the month. Don’t wait until then to back up your files and get your systems in order.

Summary of the month

Mercury returns home to Gemini on May 3, giving us a chance to process the heavy messages from being in Taurus. We’ve been stewing and ruminating over everything for the last month, and it’s time to let the words come one by one. It’s important to write, record, and document all ideas that come to mind. It’s practically an idea factory, but the key is to know where to place all of these concepts and thoughts. Be mindful of gossip and sharing information just for the sake of it. We’ve got to get better with our mental hygiene.

Venus ends her time in Taurus and flits over to Gemini on May 8, increasing the desire to chat and exchange insight with people who pique our curiosity and can help us impact our community. Connecting with those who give good conversation can be extremely stimulating, but you have to be clear on what kind of provocation you seek. Under these skies, romance is much more mental than physical. If you’ve struggled with flirting, this is a great time to work on your banter.

May 11 brings the Taurus new moon, which asks us to do the work to grow. Perhaps you need a new landscape to grow on or new seeds to plant or new nurturing methods. Either way, this is a great lunation for making sustainable pleasure a habit. Our personal values are undergoing a serious overhaul, but it’s going to take time and effort to implement the changes we’re making. How can we take better care of our environment and ourselves moving forward? Taurus is about experiencing the earthly work of beauty through our senses.

The next day, on May 12, Mercury (in Gemini) harmonizes with Saturn (in Aquarius) to drum up some mental movement and help us express the beauty and the work. We’re having all of the conversations and ideas. This would be a good transit to prepare for Mercury retrograde. Do some decluttering and take inventory of all your important legal and creative documents. If you’re working on a project that you want to be part of your legacy, this is a good time to do research, find those notes from that one time, and gather your materials. Your muse is calling, and it’s time to answer.

Speaking of callings from the great beyond, May 13 arrives with the Sun (in Taurus) collaborating with Neptune (in Pisces) to create and rebuild the foundation for our fantasies. That same day, Jupiter (which has zoomed through Aquarius) enters Pisces at 5:36 p.m. CT. We’re going to get a crash course in all things Pisces via the traditional ruler, Jupiter. Doing the most and experiencing all the world has to offer in excess is what Pisces Jupiter loves to do. Pisces rules dissolution, fog, escape, frauds, illusions, drugs, alcohol, mysticism, poverty, prisons, sensitivity, schemes, the sea, sleep, and veils. Considering that people are eager to get back outside, we could see the roaring ’20s kick off for real this month. There’s plenty of opportunity available, but you have to be discerning about what you choose to engage or indulge in.

On May 20, spring marches on as the sun enters Gemini at 2:37 p.m. CT. We can expect communication to the max as folks continue getting vaccinated and socializing. There’s a lot of information to exchange with one another, and it’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of all of us the more we chat.

As we attempt to develop new habits, routines, and disciplines in a Covid world, Saturn stations retrograde on May 23, taking us deeper into that review phase. We have to be real about what stubborn stances have kept us mentally and socially restricted. If you’re shaky on anything, you can use this energy to repair and revamp any boundaries on your brilliance. If you’ve struggled with figuring out who belongs in your village, you could take this time to do some vetting and see how you align with the folks you have in mind.

On May 26, we have a Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse, which signals a massive change when it comes to our beliefs, religion, and sense of global community. The changes from an eclipse take place over the following six months, but this marks a turning point for determining what we consider to be truth or fantasy. We have to let go of rigid and self-righteous beliefs, especially when they infringe upon the freedom and health of others. It’s doubtful that we’ll end up singing happy songs and holding hands anytime soon, but we have to release our ignorance in order to make it as a people.

Right before the month ends, Mercury (in Gemini) stations retrograde on May 29 at 5:34 p.m. CT. We may find ourselves in a bit of convo-overload and unsure of how to keep the chat going. What is it you truly want to say? Instead of speaking on surface-level issues, it may be time to dig a little deeper and say what your gut wants to say. This may not be something that happens publicly, but there’s just as much power in saying/writing/expressing what you must to yourself first and solely. This retrograde cycle will also be important for learning to be aware of what’s said and unsaid. It’s okay for you to change your mind, but you need to be clear on why you’re changing it.

Moons of the month

Don’t forget to record how you feel as the moon changes signs. In a month or two, you will see a pattern. Take note!

  • May 11—Taurus new moon
  • May 26 — Sagittarius full moon/lunar eclipse


April 20–May 20

Who do you want to be when you grow up? In the next stage of your evolution, you’re looking to define who you are and what you want to say. What is the value of your message? People are incredibly interested in what you have to say, and they’re eager to be around you. If you’re in the middle of a career rut, Saturn retrograde is here to help you clear out the cobwebs. The full moon will show you those who are truly willing to invest in you and believe in your work. The folks who really get down with you may shock you, but they’re going to help lead you to your next income streams. Listen to what your fans have to share.


May 21–June 20

Where’s your head at these days? If you’re feeling like you’d rather be one with yourself, that’s not a bad idea. You could use a moment to get reacquainted with your own voice(s). Career opportunities are available to you, and it’ll be helpful if you don’t use worldly work to escape your inner work. Spiritual discipline is a major key to how you’re going to sort through this fog. You can make tweaks to your religious practice or pursuit of knowledge. Are you willing to let go of being the eternal student to become an occasional teacher? Just because you’re the messenger doesn’t mean you can’t be the boss.


June 21–July 22

Cleaning out your internal cache is necessary, especially after the social immersion you’ve been doing lately. Dipping your toes back into more mystical waters could help you feel more creatively alert and whimsical. However, the Saturn retrograde could place your attention on what freedoms you require in a bond. Don’t be afraid to make your own rules. If you’ve been doing too much stressing and not enough celebrating, the full moon can help relieve you of that ailment. The Mercury retrograde could help you see that what you thought was so hidden within yourself may actually be more apparent to those around you than you thought. The best way to solve any confusion is to talk through it.


July 23–August 22

Having a bit more fun with your friends becomes a priority this month after you end up experiencing a few great nights. How can you reshape your career to fit your growing skillset? You may find opportunities through loved ones, and you need to be ready to make your dreams happen. The Saturn retrograde can help you redefine those you want to connect with by making sure you’re on the same page once and for all. The full moon will do another sweep through your network to determine who the best people are to share your wins with and build your legacy. You could get into a tricky chat with an acquaintance; tread lightly.


August 23–September 22

You’re being noticed quite a lot, and people are looking to you as an authority in your field. Have some meetings and conversations with anyone you find intriguing. If you’re interested in pursuing higher education or a more grounded spiritual path, this is the month to make it happen. You could also be very popular with romantic suitors, but remember to date with discernment, not Disney. As much as you don’t like making mistakes, you may have to suffer through a few publicly. Blame it on the Mercury retrograde. Tighten up as best you can, and try not to stress.


September 23–October 22

You’re in working research professor mode these days, and it’s paying off. If you’re willing to follow what stimulates you, you’re guaranteed to meet the right audience for the convos you want to have. Speaking of what you have, intimacy between those you care for is beginning to require more of a tangible expression. Define your desires so people can fulfill them. Your daily dance card can be quite full, but it’s up to you to make sure it’s in harmony. The things that bring you joy are under review thanks to the Saturn retrograde. Use the eclipse to figure out what you need to let go of when it comes to communication. You’re not as quiet as you may believe you are.


October 23–November 21

For you, information is the deepest form of intimacy. How much do your loved ones really know about you? Do you find a sense of adventure in keeping things close to the vest, or is it because you’ve been wounded by speaking to the wrong person? The new moon will help you choose partners who are more secure, especially when it comes to handling your wilder dreams. Family stuff is up for review and repair, so don’t hold your water. Finding value in what you do can be hard, but you have to take your full journey into account. How have you bossed up over the last year-plus? What do you need to relearn about communication?


November 22–December 21

Partnership is a major focus for you this month, and it can be difficult to plunge back into the social scene after such a trying year. Tending to those old family wounds will help you find the strength to take on new creative opportunities. Speaking of which, your writing practice may need to be reprogrammed to fit your current slay and energy level. Your full moon is a big one, and you’re no slouch when it comes to facing danger. The only danger here is letting your thoughts and feelings go unheard or misunderstood.


December 22–January 19

Getting into a brand new daily routine is more than a notion for you. You may find that you require much more stimulation in conversation than you thought. This is a great time to refresh the list of things that bring you joy. Soon you will have many people asking you how to fill your cup, and you’re going to need to be able to answer. Restructuring your finances and how you want to accumulate them is important this month. The full moon can help you let go of being accustomed to doing too much and learning to do just enough to get the point across. Your suffering doesn’t have to be the fuel for the function.


January 20–February 18

Get comfier with what you have at home and how you share with the world. Pouring energy into your place being a sanctuary can lead to some amazing ideas. Organize your financial systems because you’re set for a windfall. For a long time, you might have felt like you were in a rut. It’s time to review the person you are now. The tail end of the month could be tricky if you stay the same when everything around you changes. Embrace your new reality and slay forward.


February 19–March 20

Your inner life becomes paramount this month as you explore your bond with your parental figures and your upbringing plus how they impact the way you see yourself. Self-developed opportunities can prove to be fruitful if you’re willing to let go of inconsistent attention to your desires. Are you ready to communicate your desires in a new way? Good. You’ll need to be clear about what you want and where you want to go when the eclipse comes. Meditation could help you untangle any mental knots you have around transforming yourself and your surroundings. If you want a new script, you’ve got to write it.


March 21–April 19

You could be guided to communicate with your loved ones in a new way this month. This is also a great time to take a class or learn a new skill. Do your best not to overthink what you want. The new moon can show you where your wants are looking to be refreshed. It’s okay for your tastes to change as you evolve. Rethinking how you show care and compassion for others could cross your mind. If you’ve been missing that spiritual connection in your life, you may find yourself back in a (streaming or digital) place of worship. Slips of the tongue are easy to make, so be careful about gossip and making those quips that sting.

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