What’s Going on in Texas?

Unprecedented snowstorms have left Texans without heat, water, and electricity for days

Icicles hang off the State Highway 195 sign on February 18, 2021 in Killeen, Texas. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Millions of Texans have been left without heat, electricity, and even running water following massive snowstorms that swept through the southern states, according to the New York Times. And more snow and ice is expected to be on the way.

The cold weather has put unprecedented strain on the state’s electrical grid, leaving millions in freezing homes. The cold temperatures also led to pipes freezing and bursting in homes across the state, making running water another scarce resource. Texas residents in lower-income, non-White communities are experiencing the brunt of these burdens.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a news conference on Wednesday that he does not know when power will be restored throughout the state.

Read more about what’s happening in Texas in the full story from the New York Times below.

If you’re living in Texas or any of the neighboring states that are in the midst of this current crisis, we want to hear from you. Email your snow survival story to zora@medium.com.

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