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The Pleasure Principle

What Your Sign Really Says About Your Sex Life

Your perfect sex life is written in the stars

This article is part of The Pleasure Principle, ZORA’s ultimate guide to solo sex, self-pleasure, and self-love. Take our Sex Survey to share your experiences.

You may have already heard the stereotypes when it comes to your zodiac sign and your sex life. Beyoncé and Tyrese have written entire songs about finding their special zodiac freak. You may think that Tauruses are all about pleasure, Cancers are the most sensitive in more ways than one, Scorpios are the undisputed sex goddesses, the list goes on!

But let it be known, every sign is sexy. Sun signs (or the sign that you associate with your birthdate) actually have little to do with how sexy you are and what gets you aroused. How many times have you ended up attracted to someone whose sun sign wasn’t your cup of tea? Chances are you shared pleasure placements that activated some of the other planets in your chart that you may not even know about.

The planets can offer surprisingly intricate details about what really turns you on and gets you off before you even put hands on your physical self. True intimacy and pleasure starts from within. Here are the five celestial bodies to consider when looking at your own birth chart to better understand yourself, your body, and your desires.

Getting in touch with your emotional baseline is an important first step before even touching your body.

Moon: Ruler of your emotions

When it comes to getting in the mood for play, the moon is the gal to see. Getting in touch with your emotional baseline is an important first step before even touching your body, as there is a myriad of feelings associated with sex and pleasure. Plus, it can be hard to reach your orgasm if you’re just not feeling it, you know?

Your moon sign indicates what’s required to feel nourished. When we say, “a girl’s got needs,” this certainly applies to La Luna. The moon rules body rhythm, breasts, the stomach, sensual power, perspiration, sensations, showers, baths, the environment, and the subconscious workings of the body. Getting to know where your moon is is the key to unlocking some mind-blowing foreplay!

Locate the moon in your chart; it provides insight on how you’d like to set the mood in order to get off. As you track the movements of the moon and your reactions, you can begin to tell what days you may need a little more self-love. The ebb and flow of orgasm mimics that of the moon. When a rough day comes (no pun intended), a self-directed moment of peace can soothe your soul and thus, ease your mind.

Mercury: Ruler of the mind

Speaking of the mind, this is where Mercury comes in. Mercury is the planet of communication and expression. It governs how you think, speak, perceive, and learn. Mercury rules the mouth, hands, and the largest sex organ of all, your brain. Have you ever reimagined a conversation with a partner or crush as material for your next petite mort? If so, you were making it happen with your Mercury. It rules the imagination, conversation, thoughts, intellect, and sensations.

The sign and placement of your Mercury will give cues on the type of things that you might be into as far as dirty talk, videos, sexting, or sending nudes. Perhaps your Mercury leads you to read or write erotic fiction, say someone’s name or curse when you climax, or need to be talked through your orgasm. Stay curious about what you need to give yourself better pleasure.

As you make the choice to be in charge of your life and your pleasure, everything else opens up.

Venus: Ruler of touch

As the moon reflects what you need, then Venus wants to unite what you desire and that which desires you. Venus rules desirability, beauty, bedrooms, boudoirs, eroticism, entertainment, flirtatiousness, intimacy, lingerie, lovemaking, relaxation, romance, satisfaction, and self-indulgence. This is where you learn how to woo yourself. Physically speaking, Venus governs the skin, lower back, and sense of touch.

As the Queen of Aesthetic, your bedroom can say a lot about the health of your Venus. If you feel uninspired by your surroundings or your body, spruce the place up. Get yourself and your living space as cute as possible.

The sign and placement of Venus offers insight into what makes you attractive to others and even yourself. What do you find attractive about yourself? Have you ever noticed the symbol for Venus looks like a hand mirror? A big part of working with Venus is learning to see you clearly and act accordingly.

Mars: The action planet

And now we’ve reached the planet of action, Mars. As the ruler of Scorpio, this is where much of the “sex star” mythology comes from. Mars governs your sex drive, energy, lust, physical activity, stamina, and passion. It’s the primal side that comes out when you’re sexually aroused. When your blood is pumping and your skin is warm, that’s Mars at work. It also rules anger, aphrodisiacs, assertiveness, boldness, friction, pornography, and self-confidence.

The sign and placement of your Mars can signal what will light your intimate fire and keep it burning. Mars deals with how we own and wield our power. Perhaps you’ve got an earth sign-based Mars that likes to take things slow or a fire Mars that wants to feel great without delay. Pay attention to how you feel when the Moon enters the same sign as your Mars.

Permit yourself the freedom to declare who you are and please her relentlessly.

Saturn: The key to self-exploration

Last but never least, there’s an underrated planet that plays a large role in the sexual self-exploration of conservatives and nontraditional folks alike — Saturn. Saturn rules repression, restriction, celibacy, and boundaries. For the kinky ones, Saturn also rules bondage and discipline. Opting out of pleasure for moral or kink reasons plays a factor in how, when, and if you masturbate.

Ownership of your sexual autonomy is what’s key here. As you make the choice to be in charge of your life and your pleasure, everything else opens up. Many of us are beginning to look to astrology in an attempt to better understand ourselves. Self-mastery also includes sex and pleasure. You are the authority of your allure and the boss of your pleasure. Taking your pleasure into your own hands (pun intended), can lead to the destruction of self-doubt and insecurity. Permit yourself the freedom to declare who you are and please her relentlessly.

We want to hear from you! Take the ZORA Solo Sex Survey to share your experiences with self-pleasure.

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