What It Means to Be Black and South Asian

Afro-Pakistani experiences show that anti-Blackness is a global struggle

Hina Yaqoob and her cousin sitting in their home.
Hina Yaqoob with her cousin, Mahnoor Hussain, 16. Photos: Iman Sultan

“When George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin this past May, Qambrani put forth a resolution in Sindh assembly condemning the murder, and drew parallels to the racism Sheedis experience in Pakistan.”

Tanzeela Qambrani.

A diaspora across the Indian Ocean

Facing gendered racism in society

Sourath Hussain.

“While Black girls and women are known to excel in school or professional life better than men, enduring the antiblack bullying that often causes boys to drop out, prospects of marriage can be difficult to come by because of their skin color.”

Leading in mosque, school, and the workplace


Iman Sultan is a Pakistani-American journalist covering culture and politics. Her work explores identity and how communities shape politics.

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