What Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is, and Why it Isn’t Evil

Even Less Understood Than “Woke”

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I had it rudely called to my attention that many people have no clue what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) actually are. I visited my favorite site to get the opinions of right-wing wannabe intellectuals, Jonathan Turley’s blog, Res ipsa loquitor - The thing itself speaks. The particular conversation I was in wasn’t even about DEI, but one commenter, I’ll call UF, thought it timely to explain why DEI was evil and went on to tie it to child pornography and grooming of children. Here is his unedited post. Afterward, I’ll set the record straight on DEI.

“DEI is by its basis is face of evil.

By segregating children as the oppressed and the oppressors based on their skin color is evil. It promotes hate and division. Why are leftists doing so much to roll back all the gains the Civil Rights movement made in the 1960s?

Talking to 6 year olds about sex, having pornography in elementary schools so much so that RFK Jr. recently read a passage from one of these books at a Senate hearing that started with,
“I began to slide into him from behind…”
Why is that needed to be provided to 6 year olds? 9 year olds? 13 year olds? Why are teachers outside of Health Class discussing sex to children? When I was in school, teachers were expected to separate their personal lives and political views from their professional one.
I knew we had at least 2 teachers who were gay in the school system. Suspected 2 or 3 more. No one cared. I had/have family that were gay. It had no legitimate need to be discussed in school.
Now, the one teacher who tried to have sexual relations with some under-aged boys in the Jr. High locker room, got him fired and soon afterwards he blew his brains out, that may have warranted some discussion but the school system swept it under the rug.

People who want to see sexual discussions with inappropriate aged children are, well call them what they are, groomers.

And that is evil.

A lot of Asians see it that way. A lot of Hispanics see it that way. They may have friends or even family who are gay and accept them but they all know forcing it upon children is evil.” — UF



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