What Are You Dreaming Of?

La Lune + Mantra card tell us to confront what our heart wants

Amber the Conduit
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3 min readMar 6, 2022

Ms. Pisces is doing what she does best, making us feel things in the depths of our souls, leaving us flirting with new ideas to receive, deliver and embody love. If you’ve been fronting on what your heart has been whispering to you, this week your guides are cranking up the volume.

Feelings are feelings. Our hearts are always going through the motions, but we all have very different techniques when it comes to what we do with those emotions.

Do we compartmentalize?

Do we project?

Do we get flooded by the intensity?

This week feels like Spirit is magnifying how we feel about the things we value. When you take a closer look on how these experiences make you feel, you have a clearer understanding of the role they play in your life. La Lune asks us, ‘What are you dreaming of?’ as the energy of this Pisces season continues to plant new visions in our head and our heart. The magic of this time is being encouraged by the universe to flow, to consider, to question, to romanticize not only what is, but what could be..for all of us. The limitations and barriers we place on ourselves begin to soften as we play around with our visualization techniques and seek to place ourselves in that goal or experience we’re crushing on right now.

Throughout the season you’ve been feeling a deep yearning — perhaps something you’re called to create or give birth to. But, it’s been all in your head. You’re taking once step closer to materializing and the mantra card I pulled for us this week tells us to exercise our throat chakra by speaking from the heart and speaking life over these new dreams.

What is calling on you to speak into existence? You don’t have to share these visions with anyone else, but this week is an opportunity to get comfortable in believing that this thing can actually happen. You can make it come true! Begin writing it down and planning out your next steps.

Your manifestation process is illuminated through words of affirmative and written communication. This is a time to reprogram your thoughts so you fully trust and believe in…



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