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Do you remember Radio Shack? How about the original Soul Train? You know, the moments and ephemera that shaped our lives, our culture — and even our memories. The stuff that helped define the spirit of a certain generation. Over the past few days, folks have swapped answers to a simple “age yourself” prompt on Twitter. There was age yourself with a store and age yourself with a TV show. It’s been a fun and welcomed distraction. And a walk down memory lane that has some of us affirming that we are indeed old heads, or entering that territory (embrace the journey, ya’ll).

We’re nostalgic too. So, we’re jumping in and aging ourselves with:

A Fashion Trend

Bedazzled name belts: My name was already in every room I entered in middle school… because it was right there above my crotch (bonus points if you had one that would spin or light up!) — Jolie A. Doggett

Sports bra x baggy pants. Perfected by Aaliyah, the sporty-sexy-cool style was 🔥. I couldn’t get away with leaving the house in only a sports bra, but I was decked out in this style, in my bedroom attempting the choreography for “Are You That Somebody.” — Christina M. Tapper

A Hair Accessory

Barrettes and bobbles: I looked like a cute little spider with chunky plaits all over my head held secure by colorful barrettes at the ends and dangerously painful bobbles holding my braids tight. — JAD

Snap clips. Hold down the stray strands or make a statement, like Solange did during the trend’s resurgence. — CMT

A Black Cartoon

Filmore!: I did not have cable as a kid so most of my cartoon watching happened during ABC’s One Saturday Morning where they had a show about a cool middle school detective who was prematurely bald. — JAD

Cita from Cita’s World. Her commentary always left me on the floor, cackling. — CMT

A TV Talk Show

Ricki Lake: All the topics went wayyy over my little 5-year-old head. But I loved the opening theme music. Go Ricki! Go Ricki! — JAD

The Sally Jessy Raphael Show. Can’t forget those signature red-framed glasses. — CMT

A National Scandal

Hurricane Katrina: Not sure if this counts as a scandal but when Kanye got on national TV and blatantly said “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” it was the most shocking thing I’d ever seen! — JAD

Milli Vanilli lip-syncing. Now I can’t get “Girl You Know It’s True” outta my head. — CMT


Zero to 💯

Who kept it 100 this week? Let’s take a look.

VA Governor signs “Breonna’s Law”: 💯/💯

Earlier this week, Governor Ralph Northam signed Breonna’s Law, a new bill banning no-knock warrants in the state of Virginia. Breonna Taylor was killed earlier this year after police used a no-knock warrant to raid her home. VA is the third state to introduce such a law.

Letitia Wright Sharing Conspiracy Theories on Twitter: 50/💯

The Black Panther star faced swift backlash after posting a video on Twitter that questioned the safety of a Covid vaccine and also had some inaccurate and hateful things to say about China, climate change and trans folks. Even Don Cheadle said it was “fxxxd up.” She’s since deleted her social media accounts.

The “Wendy Williams: The Movie” Trailer: 30/💯

The trailer for the new Wendy Williams biopic recently dropped the feature film looks as dramatic, chaotic and extra as the woman it’s about. Let’s hope this film is better than the last biopic Wendy Willams’ produced (we haven’t forgotten what y’all did to Aaliyah!)

Executive Rashida Jones is the New President of MSNBC 💯/💯

The former senior vice president is now the highest-ranking Black woman in TV news, and becomes the first Black executive to run a cable news network. We’re all beaming with pride. Including actress Rashida Jones who told the exec that she is “so proud to share a name with you.”

Sports Illustrated’s Erasure of Black Women’s Work During Its Awards Handout 🚮/💯

The magazine named WNBA player Breanna Stewart a Sportsperson of the Year, citing her as an athlete activist, when this accolade belongs to the Black Women of the league. They led the charge with impactful activism, and have been for years. The disrespect is disgusting, but we can’t expect much from white-led legacy media.

The Best of Us

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🗣️ The Last Word 🗣️

“They ask me to remember but they want me to remember their memories and I keep on remembering mine.” ― Lucille Clifton

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