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We Need ‘Slave Movies’ — Just Not the Ones We’re Getting

In light of ‘Antebellum,’ it’s time to rethink the slave film genre

Screenshot of Janelle Monae in a scene from “Antebellum.”
Janelle Monae in “Antebellum.” Photo: Lionsgate

At the announcement of any new “slave movie,” the online groans from Black audiences are nearly audible. While most people would be hard-pressed to name more than 10 “slave movies” in the past 50 years, “I’m tired of ‘slave movies’” is a frequent social…




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Brooke Obie

Brooke Obie

Brooke Obie is a screenwriter, an award-winning critic and author of the enslaved revolution novel BOOK OF ADDIS. www.brookeobie.com

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