Vogue Profiled Stormy Daniels And Conservatives Are Upset

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For the past few weeks, I’ve watched Stormy Daniels hold her own on Twitter during the indictment and arrest of former president Donald J. Trump.

She’s witty. She has great comebacks for people who try to shame and silence her.

It’s been said that women always bring powerful men down.

These people, not surprisingly, blame Daniels for her part in the affair, but not Trump.

Trump met Daniels back in 2006 in Nevada at a celebrity golf tournament. He invited her to dinner to discuss the possibility of her appearing on his then hit show The Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump had other plans.

Daniels arrived at his hotel room with the expectation that they’d be dining downstairs, in one of the resort’s restaurants. Trump answered the door in his pajamas [instead].

Trump’s hotel room was like an apartment. Trump put on a suit and talked with Daniels for hours. Daniels went to use the restroom, and when she came out, Trump was in his underwear.

“I got up to use the bathroom,” she recalls. “And then I come out, and — it’s like, there’s 90 seconds that don’t exist. I’m standing there, in the doorway, and all of a sudden he’s there in his underwear,” “I remember thinking — his bodyguard is right outside that door; what happens if I hit him? Is that bodyguard going to come in here and hurt me? I remember him saying, ‘Do you want to go back to the trailer park?”

“Afterwards. I know I didn’t say no,” she adds. “But I also know I didn’t say yes. I wasn’t threatened.… I don’t know. I just don’t know.”


Trump, the man who said that you can grab women “by the p****” if you have money, has probably pulled similar stunts in the past.

These are exactly the issues raised by the #MeToo movement, in its initial post-Weinstein incarnation: Issues of power and consent.

Either way, Daniels has been telling this same series of events publicly since 2018, before Trump was elected president.

I don’t want to give Trump supporters too much credit, but it seems that most don’t believe she’s lying, even though Trump claims she is…

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