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This month, Texas endured a cold snap with record-low temperatures and snowfall. Millions of residents were left without electricity and heat after Texas’ vulnerable independent power grid failed. Some folks had no running water, while others had to boil theirs. Frozen pipes burst. Icy roads were impassable. Dozens of deaths have been reported, but according to the Texas Tribune, experts say the death toll related to the storm is likely far larger.

As the devastation — both emotional and physical — continues to be surveyed, residents and some state lawmakers are demanding accountability and investigations. As they should. This wasn’t just mother nature. This was a massive government failure in preparedness and protection.

In a collection of dispatches from Texas, gathered by ZORA, we heard from residents about the anguish they experienced, how they are coping — and even how one woman was safeguarded by the wisdom of her ancestors. It is with deep gratitude to them that we share a couple of those stories here.

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“It’s unsettling to think about how experiencing poverty in childhood ‘prepares’ you for the precarity of capitalism as an adult… However, nothing could have prepared me for the increasingly desperate situation this became. Having to escape from my home and brave the dangerous, icy roads in search for shelter. Having to be packed into a dorm with others in the same position, risking transmission of Covid-19. Having to hear from my property manager that a pipe had burst in the apartment above mine… Having to reckon with the fact that if the cold had not killed us, the collapsed ceiling would have. Poverty did not prepare me entirely for what I experienced, but the wisdom of my ancestors protected me. Every part of my apartment was destroyed, but my Altar remained untouched. They protected us in my home, on the road and back. Now, I can feel nothing but gratitude.” — La’Kayla Williams in Austin

“I don’t have running water in my apartment. It’s just a cascade of public leadership failure… It’s just so unfortunate that Texans are already going through Covid and job losses and now they are worried about their property and massive electric bills that they didn’t prepare for. I think it should be a message to America and its crumbling infrastructure. Honestly, the sun is shining right now and we are so lucky that Mother Nature gave us a break. Otherwise, things could have been so much worse.” — Karen Attiah in Dallas

Read the other stories here.

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Ted Cruz in general, but especially last week: 🚮 /💯
While the rest of the world was watching Texans struggle for survival during unprecedented snow storms in the state, the Texas Senator was reportedly on his way to vacation in Cancun. Cruz and his ilk continue to prove that some politicians just don’t care very much about the people they’re supposed to serve.

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