The Studemininity of Da Brat’s Pregnancy Has People’s Panties in A Bunch

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Studemininity: The seamless blend of stud and femininity

Shawntae Harris-Dupart, better known as Da Brat, is a highly successful rapper and radio host. Her 1994 debut album, Funkidified, made Da Brat the first female rap artist to sell one million records, solidifying her longevity in music.


Da Brat has always carried herself in a “tomboy” manner with loose-fitting clothes and jerseys, which was the style in the 90s, as also seen on her labelmates, Xscape.


While Da Brat maintained her tomboy look throughout her years, she would embrace her femininity by occasionally wearing sexy bathing suit tops in videos and appearances in the 2000s.

However, since her 1994 debut, Da Brat has also embraced her feminine side and showcased it in two ways you can always count on: a beat face and a fly hairstyle — before it was popular the way it is today.

Da Brat was rocking a beat face when a lot of women were walking around bare-faced with a hint of lip gloss. Her make-up has always been on-point: the perfect, never over-powering setting of contour, lashes, eyes, and lips.

When women were wearing ponytails or wearing their hair all down, Da Brat ushered in braids in the most creative ways, giving child-like and punk-like styles with a grown woman flare. She made braids popular before Brandy and Allen Iverson.

While some are still trying to blend their foundation, Da Brat has shown us how to effortlessly and authentically blend tomboy, punk, and glam all in one. Da Brat paved the way for all female rappers to follow regardless of their demeanor or sexual preference. Just look at Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Kim to see Da Brat’s style influence on female rap artists.


Da Brat’s sexuality was never really discussed but assumed and then quietly known… kinda like we do Queen Latifah. We respect Brat and Queen for their decisions and their privacy. In 2000, during the era of her Unrestricted album, many fans, including me, spotted a beautiful woman rocking a short, blond haircut sitting next to Brat in videos. We just…

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