Illustrations: Dani Pendergast

The Reality Check Is Coming. Be Ready.

Astrology that centers women of color June 8–14, 2020

In the aftermath of last week’s lunar eclipse, there’s a conversation to be had about the earned, earthly riches of Black people. In the Black Christian tradition, the reward for our spiritual discipline is piously postdated for the moment we reach our maker. Spiritual discipline in this context refers to how some people have taught us to push for Black people to respond to violence with unyielding forgiveness and a smile. The root of the many crimes against Black people in the U.S. (and across the diaspora) is theft. Stealing is the love language of the oppressor. Our ancestors were stolen from their land and robbed of their spiritual practices. Over time, we have had our economic, academic, health, and agricultural resources stolen. This week, we come to terms with what is owed and what is real.

The moon enters Aquarius on Monday evening, focusing our attention and brainpower on truth, groups, cooperative societies, counselors, free will, our hopes, our ideals, rebellion, and reform. Squaring Uranus (in Taurus), this moon signals a radical shift to what’s natural as well as valuable to our physical and moral humanity. Take note of the urban gardening movements around the country. With food shortages becoming inevitable, we need to all do what we can to grow a bit of our own food. Many are considering purchasing land and repurposing it for agriculture. Even if you don’t have a patch of land of your own, research what you can grow indoors.

As the moon harmonizes with Venus and compromises with Mercury, we find that we want to talk, but the words are so emotionally charged that they’re difficult to express. Take a breath and say what you feel as each emotion comes up. Another layer of honoring emotions is your reaction to them. We act (Mars) based on what we want (Venus) and how we feel (moon) about what we’ve done (Mars). Prepare for more discussions about race, humanity, and social justice issues. Talking about these multilayered subjects is uncomfortable, but it has to be done. As we move forward with these talks, we have to adjust our emotions, thoughts, and hopes based on reality. Images of people of every background (specifically elderly cis White men) being assaulted, shatters beliefs about police brutality many have held for so long. Many are shocked, but in this particular war, there are no rules or protections, even for the White people who built and benefit from these power structures.

Speaking as a Black woman, it begs the question; does the conversation around police brutality change only because (some of) you now know a fraction of my fear? Is it only important because now you see that it can happen to you too? Are you providing allyship solely out of fear for your own life and you wonder how I made it over? Be clear about what you’re fighting for, whom you’re fighting beside, and, most of all, why. This is not the time to lie about where your allegiance resides. Use the internet while it’s still available to you and connect with people and organizations that support the causes you truly believe in.

Early Thursday, the moon enters Pisces, immersing us in collective compassion and addressing our addiction to illusion, escapism, and numbing ourselves. Then the sun squares Neptune, signaling a need to rest. If you feel discouraged about everything that’s going on, take the time to soothe yourself. Despite the fact that this day could hold a great deal of deception in the media, don’t let reality get you too down. Find something creative or artistic to consume or do.

Venus (retrograde in Gemini) collaborates with Chiron (in Aries), cultivating insecurities around how you’ve asserted yourself or not. You could be feeling rout about missed or broken connections. This is the time to deal with the wounds of negative self-talk and the resulting actions.

On Friday, the pain that we are experiencing but unable to share could overwhelm us. There could be an increase in Covid-19 cases and exposure and news about the effects of tear gas on protesters. We could be inundated with so much suffering that we want to indulge in various substances. Be careful about doing too much on this day. You could also find yourself doing research or work regarding Pisces-ruled things like poverty, prison, hospitals, charity, sympathy, sacrifice, psychics, and spirituality.

On Saturday, the Pisces moon ends its journey by collaborating with Jupiter (in Capricorn) and offering a chance to end any fantasies that aren’t supporting and uplifting our legacy. What is the purpose of pursuing an American dream that never allows your legacy to exist let alone thrive? Develop your own dream.

Later on, Mars joins Neptune, which lends an irritable vibe to the weekend. The waters are troubled, and your delusions can steer you wrong. Avoid acting so early from your emotions; deal with facts. Be sure to rest and take care of yourself this weekend — Mercury retrograde and a solar eclipse soon cometh. As this solar eclipse is in Cancer, we will see a lot more emphasis on protection, security, and family. Get ready for a new level of homeland security.

On Sunday, the sun has a conference with Pluto, helping you make adjustments due to mental pressure. Destruction, even for the greater good, can take a toll on one’s psyche. Be cautious about getting obsessive with media consumption. Self-check and tweak how you stay informed. This transit could also uncover a need to compromise and let go of your ego’s influence over you. It’s hard work building the mindset needed to change for the better.

Moons of the week

Have you been taking notes on how you feel as the moons change? By now, as you take this journey with me, you should be seeing some emotional patterns that pop up in conjunction with certain moons. Perhaps try writing the moon changes into your work calendar with a note on how you feel that day, and after a month or two, look back and review.

  • Moon enters Capricorn — Since June 6 at 2:44 p.m. CDT
  • Moon enters Aquarius — June 8 at 7:54 p.m. CDT
  • Moon enters Pisces — June 11 at 4:32 a.m. CDT
  • Moon enters Aries — June 13 at 4:03 p.m. CDT

May 21–June 20

Your faith could be shaken and stirred by everything you’re learning and unlearning about humanity. How can you acquire or maintain compassion in your career? In what ways are you willing to give consistently?

June 21–July 22

Brainstorm with your friends and loved ones about ways to stay safe, connected, and uplifted. Your spiritual and philosophical vocabularies are expanding by the day. You may find yourself watching movies or films related to world religion.

July 23–August 22

Explore what causes (if any) you want to share with your partner or loved ones. There could be tension between you and a friend that you realize is no such thing. Double-check your taxes, insurance, debts, or money owed to you.

August 23–September 22

Do your best to not be detached from your own needs. The best and fastest way for you to serve others is to take care of yourself. A partner or loved one may make an offhand comment about your career that offends. Take a breath, then respond.

September 23–October 22

Quiet as it’s kept, you enjoy a bit of rebellion, and you’re blessed with the skill of gathering insight in the midst of chaos. Open yourself up to a more creative flow. You may surprise yourself with the type of art you decide to indulge in.

October 23–November 21

For you, the revolution is happening at home. Whether you moved or decided to redecorate, organizing your physical space can help manage external chaos. Immerse yourself in alchemy, transformation, and mysticism. Do a deep dive.

November 22–December 21

After a conversation with someone you trust, you may find that you’re in the mood to write and learn. Take a look at what you are ready to learn as well as the knowledge that frightens you. If you’re feeling raw about your childhood or parents, send them love (when you’re ready).

December 22–January 19

Building a legacy requires solid thinking and connections. Who do you trust enough to work beside you? Keep an eye on who’s taking a stand and why. Messages and insights can come to you through music and meditation.

January 20–February 18

Comb through your network and figure out who you want to collaborate with in support of your causes. Time to create that master plan. Find joy and profitability through music and writing. It’s okay to have a hint of fun.

February 19–March 20

Limit your outdoor activity as much as possible this week. If you must go out, stay protected and build up your immune system. It can be easy to give yourself over to the cause, but please put yourself first if you get an inkling of a bad vibe.

March 21–April 19

A wave of sadness and grief could hit you later this week if you don’t take a moment to acknowledge what you’re experiencing. Talk to or reminisce about your friends, especially those from childhood. Giving back could help you release tension.

April 20–May 20

What is the risk to your reputation for standing up for what you believe in? Your friendships are changing at the speed of light due to secrets and fundamental beliefs being revealed. Don’t sabotage yourself by doing nothing with this insight.

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