The Radical Essence of Hope: Sudan’s Resolve

Tai Salih (she/her)
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4 min readSep 18

Khartoum, Sudan

Awakening on a Sunday morning, my heart ached as the news of the Greater Nile Operating Company (GNPOC) Tower engulfed my social media feeds. This towering emblem of progress had been reduced to mere ashes, serving as a vivid reflection of the relentless turmoil that shrouds Sudan. Amidst this turmoil, two formidable warlords, General Burhan, the commander of the Sudanese Army, and Hemeti, the leader of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), engaged in a power struggle, all the while seeking to obscure the very essence of hope that ignites the Sudanese spirit.

The GNPOC Tower, an iconic edifice in Sudan, stood as an enduring testament to the nation’s unwavering resilience and aspirations. Erected in 2010, it garnered acclaim as the second most splendid architectural marvel in Khartoum, surpassed only by the Burj Al Fatih. Today, it lies in ruins, a casualty of conflicting narratives.

Official reports from the army assert that the tower fell victim to RSF rebels, who allegedly bombed it in the early hours of the day. Conversely, RSF statements vehemently declare that it was the Sudanese Army itself that orchestrated the tower’s destruction, purportedly aiming to tarnish the RSF’s reputation. Yet, amid this labyrinth of confusion, one truth emerges with startling clarity: the aim is to rob the Sudanese people of hope, replacing it with a suffocating despair that permeates the air like a noxious fog.

However, as I unrolled my yoga mat, I made a deliberate choice to stand in defiance and to reclaim the hope that these power players sought to wrest from our grasp. This, my friends, is my radical act of defiance. It is my way of expressing solidarity with the women in my family who remain ensnared in Sudan, bearing witness to a power struggle that threatens to crush the collective will of the people.

Hope, I have come to realize, is perhaps the most revolutionary and radical act one can undertake. It is a blazing flame that burns even more brilliantly in the darkest of times — a force that adamantly refuses to succumb to…

Tai Salih (she/her)
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