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The Inauguration, Mars/Uranus Meetup, and Start of Aquarius Season Make for a Volatile Weekly Horoscope

Head on a swivel: The astrology of January 18–January 24

Ashleigh D. Jay
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10 min readJan 18, 2021


Word for the Week

Welcome to the jungle. Stay your ass home.

Three things

  • Are you ready to shake, wreck, and burn the table? Good, let’s begin.
  • This is the time to envision, locate, and vet your tribe. Follow your first mind plus your heart.
  • Are you truly unemotional, or are you just distracted?

Moons of the week

Don’t forget to record how you feel as the moon changes signs. In a month or two, you will see a pattern. Take note!

  • Moon enters Aries — January 18 at 1:07 a.m. CT
  • Moon enters Taurus — January 20 at 12:56 a.m. CT
  • Moon enters Gemini — January 23 at 1:43 a.m. CT

Summary of the week

It’s a tipping point of a week as the sun enters Aquarius on Tuesday at 2:40 p.m. CT, shining a light on the way we exist as a collective. If you recall my musings on the USA’s birth chart, our nation’s Aquarius moon represents the people. This is important to note right now. If you know any Aquarius folks, we/they can be quite stubborn when they want to be, even when it’s to their detriment. Despite the lack of (expected) emotional expression, there’s much happening underneath the surface, and when that surface cracks, the flood comes.

The focus of this Aquarius season is to solidify our beliefs and do something substantial about our reputation and legacy. As the fixed thought expert, Aquarius is a firm believer in holding onto your ideals, but when you realize that your ideals are harmful to yourself and others, it’s time to make a change. For all of the sweet, humanitarian talk, Aquarius has an equal and opposite shadow side, much of which you’ll see played out over the next few years. Are we as a collective ready to look in the mirror and act accordingly?

Wednesday is Inauguration Day in the U.S., signaling a major transition in…



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