The GOP Is Still Here and Trumpism Isn’t Gone

Big hypocrite energy is still in our Congress. Make it stop.

Supporters wave to outgoing US President Donald Trump as he returns to Florida along the route leading to his Mar-a-Lago estate on January 20, 2021 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

For months prior to 45’s departure, speculation ensued that as soon as disgraced former President Donald J. Trump was out of office, the Republicans would run from him like America did his bleach injection comments. In almost every off-the-record political piece written there was a consistent theme of some type of quiet objection from the GOP. Murmurs of their fears of retribution if they dare object to his willful ignorance, blatant racism, and overall authoritarian whims allowed for the creation of empathy for their cowardice.

We read comments like, “this isn’t who the Republican Party is — they are being held hostage by a madman.” We clung to this idea that the entirety of Trumpism would fade into the dark cold night as soon as his exit was finally solidified. Americans told themselves this tall tale because the alternative was too much to bear. The alternative being that Trump is the GOP and the GOP is Trump. And the truth is that the GOP isn’t unwilling participants in the destruction of our democracy but instead they are willing accomplices.

During Trump’s four-year reign of terror, the GOP backed him 100%. They made legions of excuses about his abusive rhetoric and childish tantrums. When the insurrectionist melee exploded on January 6, we thought collectively: “This will be the final straw.” The GOP will walk away from their power-hungry and depraved leader whose hate speech left our Capitol building riddled with bullets, broken glass, and five lives lost. We were wrong. Hours following the attack on the Capitol, six senators returned to the floor and continued with their fruitless pursuit to stop the certification of the election and voted to overturn the will of the people with 121 House Republican members following suit.

Since that horrific day in our nation’s capital, we have learned more about Republican members giving reconnaissance tours to the terrorists the day before and now we have QAnon, gun-toting members calling for the execution of Democrats on their social media platforms. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the embodiment of the new GOP which is in fact a domestic terrorist organization. In 2018 and 2019 videos and posts are being unearthed of the volatile GOP member encouraging violence against Democrats and using varied slurs to describe them. There are now calls for her removal from Congress and yet the GOP remains thoroughly silent. We have reached a point in our politics where the execution of a person once thought to be far-fetched or highly unlikely seems to be almost inevitable.

America no longer has a two-party political system; we have one party and an anti-Democratic cult.

Congresswoman Cori Bush introduced a resolution, after the insurrection, calling for the expulsion of members of Congress who supported and encouraged the insurrection. Just recently the congresswoman tweeted about having to move her office far from Greene’s after being berated by the maskless member in the hallway. From Senator Josh Hawley’s pumped fists at terrorists to Greene’s conspiracy-laden nonsense regarding the fact that she believes the Parkland High School mass shooting and Newtown didn’t actually happen — this is what the former Republican Party, now domestic terror organization has devolved into.

America no longer has a two-party political system; we have one party and an anti-Democratic cult.

How else do you explain why House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy took a trip this week to Mar-a-Lago to consult with Trump? The twice-impeached, former president whose trial is set to start in less than two weeks is still their standard-bearer. It’s not that Trump continues to have a hold on the Republican Party, it’s the fact that they are simpatico. They are no longer a party that believes in the constitution or the values of this nation. In order to have a fully functioning democracy, however, both parties must agree to a set rule of law. This agreement officially broke the day House Minority Leader McCarthy went on cable news to tell the world that everyone bore some form of responsibility for what happened on January 6, 2021 — everyone that is except Trump. So, the very idea that we have outward insurrectionists sitting in our legislative body and an unhinged, disgraced former president waiting in the wings means that our nation is still very much under threat.

We may have just watched the historic inauguration of the nation’s first Black and South Pacific Asian Madam Vice President, but we did so under a cloak of anxiety and grief. As both President Biden and Vice President Harris took their oaths the world collectively held its breath praying that the over 25,000 National Guard surrounding the Capitol would be able to fend off any trouble. Think about that. In America, we were watching history on prayerful knees hoping to God that what we witnessed just a few weeks prior in that very same location wasn’t just the White supremacists opening act. Holding one’s breath is certainly no way to live or govern for that matter and yet here we are.

James Baldwin once said, “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until faced.” The reality is this: Until we as a nation face the fact that the GOP is no longer a political party, we won’t be able to get to the root of how to rid ourselves of them. We can’t rely on antiquated rules of expulsion when we are living with a clear and present threat to democracy. The election alone will not save us, action will. Unless we want to become the QAnon States of America our attention and participation in securing our republic is still very much required.

is the host of #WokeAF & #PMMood & co-host of the podcast #democracyish. She covers all the news and happenings at the intersection of politics and pop culture.

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