ZORA and The Blackness present Moonrakers 2020

The Future According to These Badass Trailblazers

We celebrate 10 extraordinary women of color behind America’s progressive movement


Moonraker (noun): (1) A badass. (2) A colorful woman who can touch tomorrow and drop moondust onto our shoulders.

MMoonrakers’ goals? Way past heaven and more than a moonshot. Moonrakers are futurists obsessed with tomorrow, so they jump higher than all of us. They are determined to change destiny by lifting an impossible weight, yours and mine. Their motivation? The promise of the future, hidden on the other side of the galaxy. I’ve seen them, you’ve seen them, and if you haven’t seen them, you’re not looking. So go ahead, take a look. Though their light may blind you, don’t cover your eyes. It’s time to look and see. These women have changed the course of history, and Lord knows, if we’re lucky, they may save us all.

Welcome to Moonrakers 2020, the inaugural edition of The Blackness, published in partnership with ZORA. In this power issue, we feature profiles written by noted contributors as well as special-edition graphic illustrations that pay homage to 10 Moonrakers, all-stars of America’s progressive movement: the women of color in and behind power.

We also give a shoutout to 12 other outstanding women, who we call our Moonraker MVPs.

How did I get here? Well, I joined then-Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign as a surrogate in 2007 at the behest of Minyon Moore. Moore, a strategist and beloved friend of the senator, became my mentor, and as I traveled around America, I met some of the most powerful women of color in the world. I was dazzled by their compassion, strength, and intelligence. They were fascinating, and they were hiding in plain sight, moving mountains, and wielding power.

No barrier can hold them. They will touch the moon, and the stardust that falls from their fingertips will light a trail we all can follow.



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