The Empire Strikes Black

Jolie A. Doggett
Published in
1 min readMay 4, 2021


How authors and artists are making a space for us in science fiction.

Illustration: Dani Pendergast

Whether here on Earth or in a galaxy far, far away, there is a dire need for representation. Thankfully, Black writers and creatives are bringing a new hope for the future of diversity in the vast worlds of science fiction.

Despite a bevy of writers releasing or publicizing science fiction and fantasy that centers on people of color, some of the most-anticipated fantasy realms remain whitewashed. Yet, there is hope. A handful of enlightened publishers and film distributors are catering to a large and growing audience of color and our allies — despite the Reddit-fueled complaints of toxic fandom. From a Black director and a Native American writer for Star Wars to the pro-Black centeredness of HBO’s Watchmen, we are finally decolonizing all facets of sci-fi.

May the 4th be with all of us. Read more about the growing world of Black sci-fi and fantasy in the story below.