Taurus Season, Self-Celebration Kick Off Your Spirit Medicine This Week

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

As Aries season ignited the fire within, birthing new opportunities and constant activity, Taurus season swoops in to save you from burning out. The earth-ruled energy of the 9 of Cowrie gives us permission to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor by caring for ourselves and our environment.

You’ve invested so much time into your career, education, philanthropy, and relationships, now it’s time to enjoy all that you’ve worked for. If no one else has told you, you did that and are doing that! Self-celebration is in order and you cannot keep prolonging it. Last week, you may have been in your head about making that big purchase or investing on something that seems materialistic, but you earned this. This is your confirmation to go ahead and book that flight, spa treatment, purchase everything on your Amazon wishlist, buy yourself flowers, revamp your wardrobe, or redecorate. These are all self-investments!

Material success and financial independence are highlighted this week. If you are single, enjoy it! There’s no need to save vacations, restaurants, and experiences until you meet “the one.” By treating and spoiling yourself, you are setting the tone for future partner(s) with the lifestyle you are accustomed to, but most importantly, are deserving of. Boo’d up? Make time to choose yourself and create an experience that only you would enjoy.

If you’ve recently moved into a new space, it’s time to unpack your boxes and curate an environment that feels safe and restorative. Working from home? Spirit encourages you to create a sanctuary for yourself; a place that you can retreat to throughout the day.

Slowing down is going to be the biggest challenge if you have overworked yourself. There is nothing more urgent than self- and spirit-care. Finding a balance between working hard and enjoying the abundance you’ve worked so hard for is the key to fulfillment. Make caring for yourself a ritual and your life the offering.

Vision. Image: Awakened Soul Oracle Card via Ethony

“I have three eyes. Two to look, one to see.” — Bellamor

Spirit wants you to gain confidence in your decision-making, which can be supported through your third eye. Your intuition will never steer you toward the wrong path! In fact, your third eye is here to support you in envisioning a life that is lush and bountiful whilst minimizing your energetic output. You’ve mastered the art of hard work, how can you master the art of self-preservation while still creating a beautiful life for yourself? The answers are available to you this week. Reflect on the steps that you’ve taken to get to where you are now. What would you do differently to ensure your cup is filled at all times? Lean on your intuition for clarity and be receptive to any unconventional solutions or strategies that free up your time but increase your funds.

There will also be some luck regarding long-term financial investments that you’ve made or have been considering. There are opportunities to cash out on stocks, purchase or sell a home, sell or buy assets, or start a business that can sustain itself (i.e. e-commerce, digital offerings and courses).

The medicine

  • Cultivate an intuitive practice for clarity. This may look like third-eye meditations or using spiritual tools such as tarot/oracle cards, crystals, or pendulums.
  • Visualize your dream life. How are you sustaining yourself? How is your time spent?
  • Invest in yourself!
  • Delegate more time throughout your day for rest and self-care.

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