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Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

The privilege and pain of admitting you need to quit a decent job

I recently had an experience where I found myself headed toward burnout fast, and I had to recalculate my life. If I didn’t, I was zipping toward a mental health break and that is not something a…

The pandemic has revealed how tired women are from work and housework. Did the gains from second-wave feminism deliver liberation or overworked and underpaid women?

A clothesline with colorful pegs.

In her 2016 Netflix comedy special Baby Cobra, Ali Wong performed her set while looking very pregnant onstage. This was the first time I heard anti-work rhetoric, and it was framed in opposition to feminism. Wearing a dress, flats, and her unborn child in her belly, Wong joked that feminists…

For my Black clients and colleagues, I am a first responder

A few years ago, my experience at work changed. I served at an organization where the mission is to help leaders in public education with coaching, mentoring and support for diversity, equity and inclusion to make positive change for students. I partnered with a diverse team and a phenomenal Black…

I wanted to be part of an organization that’s more inclusive, where I can feel at home

I started a new job recently after one year of searching and three unsuccessful interviews. Luckily for me, I got exactly the role I wanted in the exact type of organization I was hoping for. …

How one test enforces unfair academic gatekeeping

Some time ago, a world-famous White male economist did something unprecedented: He shared his GRE scores publicly — scores that, in his words, would have resulted in him being screened out by the top programs that now swear by his textbooks and resources today. (In the field of economics, the…

It Has to Be Said

Mo’Nique’s ‘auntie’ comments prop up supremacist standards

Throughout the decades of my life as a Black woman, I have worn nearly every hairstyle known to humankind. I spent my childhood quivering at the sizzle of a hot comb that transformed my hair into neat plaits or ponytails. …

‘Optic leadership’ — or tokenism — is not a win for anyone

As Congress, for the first time since 1989, advanced the slavery reparations bill, we can feel a mustard seed of hope in acknowledging the tragic history of the United States.

Giving Black people what they are due seems like such a far-fetched and daunting task for our country. For ages…

A stamp, a coin, and a $20 bill are nice but still aren’t enough

Maya Angelou was recently recognized as the first Black woman to be honored in the American Women Quarters Program; her likeness will be stamped onto U.S. coins. Kim Godwin made history recently as the first Black woman president of ABC News.

We’re not going back to “normal.”

Kimani Jones had been happily working in the wedding industry in New York City as a content creator when news about Covid-19 broke. She, like many workers across the country, was sent home with her laptop and work file, assured her job was safe…

As a Black woman therapist and an anti-racist community advocate, I hear a lot. I’d like to acknowledge the sheer will and tenacity in the women I see.

I’ve long reflected upon the unseen, inequitable experiences that Black women often talk about — sometimes in whispers and sometimes in lawsuits. These experiences are all macro- and microaggressions that shouldn’t happen yet happen over and over again.

As a Black, biracial therapist, educator, and anti-racist activist myself, I have…


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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