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Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.


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On October 31st, Mars will enter Scorpio for the first time in two years. Mars rules Scorpio, so this is a homecoming. Only, there are no balloons, streamers, champagne — this is no celebration of life and all its revelry. Instead, there is dust, bone, tar, and muck. …


This week’s Spirit Medicine: Do you notice and appreciate the tiny blessings?

Omo Cutlass card from the Akamara tarot deck.

Full moons tend to do a number on us as the floodgates open. Around this time, feelings, thoughts, situations that have been bubbling up below the surface reach its peak. It can feel like an overflow of emotions…


The Iya Cutlass card in the Akamara tarot deck.

One thing that we won’t be able to escape this week is family!

Sit with the word, family, what does it mean to you?

Who comes to mind? How does it feel?

Iya cutlass wants us to take initiative with how we show up in our family structures. She is…


The Leadership card from the Awakened Soul oracle deck by Ethony.

Some of us don’t have the passion to lead because we haven’t had the privilege to sit in the presence of a triumphant leader. How can we know how to show up as a role model if we haven’t had a nearby example of it? Plus, we’ve seen the consequences…

Spirit Medicine

The Change card from the Awakened Soul oracle card deck by Ethony. Image: Ethony

Sometimes when I pull the messages for the week ahead multiple cards fly out of the deck, but this time around two cards stuck together, which felt like a sign to read them as a pair. The pair got me giddy just seeing them! Four of staffs and the 10…


The Connection card in the Awakened Soul oracle deck by Ethony.

Virgo season did what it came to do! It gave us the time to mold these energetic caves for each of us to find safety, solace and a peace of mind as we tuned out the outside world, while getting to to know ourselves a little better. …


A closer look at the “Mirror” card in the Awakened Soul Oracle deck by Ethony.

“Uhambo” (or the Chariot) meaning “the journey” or “traveling forward” in the Xhosa language serves as a wake-up call to zoom past our fears and worries, trusting that we are not only divinely guided but divinely protected. …


The Action oracle card in the “Awakened Soul” Deck by Ethony.

When you are struck by the bow of divine inspiration this week, you’re called to hit the pedal and push through! The real magick happens when you are able to feed your desires, and curiosities, through pursuit and stepping out of your comfort zone. Your heart may be swelling with…


The Rebirth oracle card from the Ethony Awakened Soul oracle deck.

As new beginnings greet us at our doorstep, we must trust the intense transformation impacting our day-to-day and future. This week’s guidance is a continuation of last week’s message, emphasizing shedding skin and releasing anything that feels burdensome.

Most people are fearful of death because of the uncertainty of what’s…


The Exile card shows a person sitting solo in the light of the full moon. Akamara tarot.

Whether you can feel it or not, the tides are changing, my loves. Last week’s Lions Gate Portal and New Moon continues to push us into a reality of social connectedness, future bliss, sovereignty, ancestral healing, spiritual ascension and so much more!

When we are treading new territory, we must…


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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