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Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.


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Let’s get into frosé, wine slushies and more 🍦

Days are getting shorter and the night breeze has taken on a chill. The trees across the street from my window are already beginning to change from vibrant green to yellow. Right now there are days in the 80 degree range in the upcoming week ahead, but I already know what time it is. Fourth quarter, with colder seasons on the immediate horizon.

Summer began on June 20 and officially ends this year on September 22nd, but Labor Day — September 6th — is always a turning point towards the end. This is prime time for back-to-school sales and then…

Yep, I Said It

This summer was supposed to be the recovery. Instead, it’s the spread.

Sometimes I think we’re living in an alternate, dark timeline that went wayward. This is why I refuse to watch the TV show The Handmaid’s Tale. Why should I watch a show about a dystopian nightmare when it feels like we’re living in one currently? I don’t need to see that documentary at all.

Climate change got us hot as hell, Earth is literally caving in (in Germany, for example), and some dudebro billionaires are doing a circle jerk space race for no damb reason besides the fact that they wanna emit their small dick energy.

All of this as…

“All For You” evokes the sexiness of summer and the thrill of new beginnings.

The year was 2001, and the airwaves thrummed with a sample of the familiar funk groove of Change’s “Glow of Love,” only instead of Luther Vandross’ velvety voice, it was Janet Jackson’s whisper enticing a man with a “nice package.”

With the debut of her album All for You, Jackson entered the new millennium with a midriff, highlights, and a whole new vibe. Following the dissolution of her low-profile marriage to long-time companion Rene Elizondo Jr., Jackson’s seventh studio album cemented her next chapter as an artist and as a newly single woman. Her new sound was dreamier, bright, and…

Was the summer of 2020 a wake-up call, a reckoning or a revolution?

With six months under our belts in 2021, many have begun to refer to 2020 as the “lost year.” Twenty-twenty was the year that brought us so much — trauma, a reset, inner peace, anxiety. Essentially, it was a basket case of a year. If you are Black, however, it brought with it the persistent reminder that even in the midst of a global pandemic, where a trip to the grocery store could land you in the hospital or worse, being Black in America was still just as deadly as contracting Covid-19. …

Raise a red cup of appreciation for everything from ratchet anthems to sensual grooves

A photo illustration of album covers against a vivid green background. TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” is at the top.

Sometime between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the song of summer emerges.

It’s usually a bop. It’s sometimes a slow jam. Lately, it’s come with its own dance moves. But like most charting-topping earworms, it’s uncannily memorable. The song — and often the video — creates an unmistakable, emotionally tinged time capture. These tunes become forever bound to the barbecues, cookouts, family reunions, cousin hangouts, repasts, Friday night movie dates, and sneak-out-to-the-garage-and-steal-a-smoke moments of our lives.

There are some places that claim to know the song of summer. They make a big deal out of it. Sometimes they get it…


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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