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Photo: Marcus Dall Col via Unsplash

Venus ended her time in Taurus and flitted over to Gemini on May 8, increasing the desire to chat and exchange insight with people who pique our curiosity and those who can help us impact our community. Did you feel it?

May 11 brings the Taurus new moon, which asks us to do the work to grow. Perhaps you need a new landscape to grow on or new seeds to plant or new nurturing methods. Either way, this is a great lunation for making…


Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

Omo Calabash by Akamaratarot .

There is magic in the unexpected this week. Serendipitous synchronicities are omens. Use them to embrace your trust-relationship with self, your ability to co-create with the universe, and your ability to be a catalyst for healing.

Spirit meets us with a challenge this week to reconnect to our own magic — the power of infinite possibility — and lean into our child-like innocence.

Through the…

Vision. Image: Awakened Soul Oracle Card via Ethony


Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

You say: “I don’t have time for this!” But Spirit begs to differ! The two of pentacles hints at an imbalance in how you manage your time and energy. This week calls for self-investigation: “What am I doing too much of? What am I doing not enough of?”

Accept that you might’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Be realistic with what you’re able to take on, and create a balance in your life that feels good to your mind, body, and spirit while maintaining productivity.

The energy for the week draws our attention to our daily commitments, tasks…

May’s astrological messages ask us to look within

May kicks off with us still reeling from the revelations of the Scorpio full moon while also seeking fresh definitions of stability. These horoscopes are written with you in mind. Short on time? Think about the below three things to keep in mind for the month. Sitting down with your coffee or tea? Peep the detailed astrological summary of the month. Scroll beyond that to find specific thoughts for your sign.

Three things to keep in mind

  • How do you nurture the people/possessions/knowledge you value?
  • The Saturn retrograde could feel like your mind is being blown. Let it.
  • The Mercury retrograde in Gemini approaches at the…

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

9 of Cowrie. Image: Akamara Tarot

As Aries season ignited the fire within, birthing new opportunities and constant activity, Taurus season swoops in to save you from burning out. The earth-ruled energy of the 9 of Cowrie gives us permission to finally enjoy the fruits of our labor by caring for ourselves and our environment.

The tension between manifestation and some Black Christians is real, but it shouldn’t be.

A woman throws money in the air. / Getty Images

When Oprah Winfrey first introduced self-help guru Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret, the Law of Attraction (LOA) and its guiding philosophies quickly spread like wildfire in the pop culture space. Before long, almost everyone I knew was making plans to manifest into their lives everything from luxury cars to dream homes to their future soul mates. Currently, you would be hard-pressed not to see at least one social media post a day about drinking water, securing the bag, and manifesting your best life. But while some are quick to begin down their yellow brick road to positive thinking, a collection…

Spirit Medicine

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

Mirror: Awakened Soul Oracle Deck.

Triggers are emotional reactions that transport you to traumatic experiences where you’ve felt unseen, unheard, or unsafe. They can be sharp reminders of where you’ve been, but also provide the opportunity to face the wound and initiate healing. Are you ready to climb up that mountain this week? The Five of Cowrie, whose image is below, shows up in this week’s pull and reveals that you may be challenged by a material loss, a scarcity mindset, or a lack of support.

Spirit Medicine

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

Revelation: Akamara Tarot

There is a power within you that has been bubbling beneath the surface, waiting to combust. As the card above — Revelation — illustrates, this week greets you with a call that you can not ignore; you are being challenged to rise to the occasion. What’s on the horizon? Making life changing decisions, choosing a new spiritual path, deciding to walk in your purpose or eliminating the things that have steered you off your path.

Amber the Alchemist has some Spirit Medicine for us all.

Photo Illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Akamara Tarot, Getty Images

Dear Zora Reader,


Endings signal new starts as the Aries New Moon kicks into gear this weekend.

Photo by Mohit Sharma on Unsplash

Whatever you do, wait until after the New Moon — or the Dark Moon — to set your next intentions. And know that endings always mean beginnings. This is all written in the sky, according to resident ZORA astrologer Ashleigh D. Jay in the April monthly ZORAscope. The New Moon happens when the light of the moon is nearly completely hidden from view for a day or two. After that? It begins to slowly gain a growing sliver of light.

Once you’ve gathered yourself a bit, the Aries new moon on April 11 will help you take the necessary steps…

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