Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.


The Sanctuary card by Ethony.

Where can you retreat to when the tides flowing are too much to bear? When you’re in desperate need of inner peace? Where is your safe space?

For me, it’s my altar space, which has changed many, many times over the years. When I think back throughout time, we’ve all…


The elder tarot card from the Akamara deck

Stored within us are the lessons + wisdom not only from our ancestors, but from past experiences and past lives. This week, Spirit brings our attention to the ways in which we so often trust in the wisdom of our loved ones without honoring our own wisdom first.

For this…


The North Star card was reversed for this week’s tarot pull. Image: Akamara tarot.

North Star (Reversed) and Surrender

This week provides hope and healing to us, but questions our readiness and receptiveness to move forward and allow the Universe to naturally work its magick.

When followed, the North Star directs us home. With each step we take, we inch closer towards peace, healing…


A hand offers up a small glass of whiskey. From coffee to alcohol, offering a drink to the dead is a cultural practice many of us embrace. Image: Getty

By October 31st you’ll see any number of online posts about spooky cocktails, skull-shaped ice cubes, festive punchbowl presentations involving dry ice — the usual Halloween cocktail fare. This year, let’s go a little deeper. We’re in the season of All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day, and the Day of…


The Iya Cutlass card in the Akamara tarot deck.

One thing that we won’t be able to escape this week is family!

Sit with the word, family, what does it mean to you?

Who comes to mind? How does it feel?

Iya cutlass wants us to take initiative with how we show up in our family structures. She is…

Memories, mission, and meaning

There’s more to the story than we can remember. (Photo: Catkin)

1. You Agreed to Forget Everything

Imagine coming to earth knowing you had a sit down with God, mapped out your entire life, and shook hands with him after signing a soul contract.

How would you act?

As a human who was going to grow to develop an ego, if you knew this information, you’d be…

The past, peace, and guidance

Without the dark clouds above, the seeds sown below would not get water to grow. (Photo: Adam_Tumidajewicz)

1. Your Past No Longer Controls You

The ego loves the past and wants to hold on so tightly it refuses to let go. It loves the old sense of self so much it brings it into every new story.

The ego loves the past story, but the universe doesn’t love that.

The universe doesn’t want the…


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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