Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.


A deep dive into censorship motives throughout history and right now

First, before we get into motivations for book burning and censorship, let me first say that burning books in 2021 is one of the silliest aberrations of conservative think tanks. It's not like back in the day where words only lived on delicate pages caged within a hard body. We…

Yes, Oprah Winfrey gave Dr. Oz a platform, but does that mean she is responsible for his actions or that she owes the Black community anything?

Yesterday, Black Twitter and others ripped Oprah Winfrey apart after Dr. Oz announced his plans to run as a Republican for an open U.S…

The real issue is anything that threatens white supremacist culture. Let’s go to school.

Earlier this month, a video went viral of a man who criticized Critical Race Theory but at the same time could not define it. The man said that Critical Race Theory was the most crucial issue in the Virginia gubernatorial election but later he could not define the theoretical framework…


Students should learn about Harriet Tubman, “the veteran”

Learning about Black people’s history is controversial in America because these stories aren’t always rosy. Perhaps that’s why we never read about Black veterans in school. See, from Black folks’ perspective, there has always been an unspoken ban on critically evaluating race in American classrooms, and the only thing changing…

ICYMI: Being a member of a racially-marginalized group doesn’t grant you carte blanche to don a culturally-inappropriate costume on October 31.

Well, it’s that time of year again and Halloween is days away. There have been countless lists of dos and don’ts that fall under offensive or flat-out racist Halloween…


October is BHM in Britain and the separation of Black history from British history only exacerbates racist narratives.

Stop holding your breath and close your mouth. Now please continue reading…Black History Month is a celebration that justifies the relegation of Black people’s presence along Britain’s Imperial and Colonial timelines to one month.

Viewing British history through a Black lens one month a year allows for the misrepresentation of…

Unpopular opinion or not; I’m at a loss over Colin Powell’s passing. Don’t @ me.

Yesterday’s news about the passing of Colin Powell oddly hit me like a ton of bricks. I say odd because he’s an unlikely person who – over the years – I have developed a profound…


All eyes are on Georgia as three White men face charges for felony murder and attempted false imprisonment.

The story of Ahmaud Arbery’s death sits like a heavy rain cloud over the American conscious. And for Black people, it feels like the sky is falling all over again. After all, we’ve seen so many cases where justice is delayed and then categorically denied.

On February 23, 2020, 25-year-old…


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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