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This lunar move helps us to sort out truth versus fantasy.

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The monthly ZORAscope comes out at the beginning of each month and you can always check here for the full astrological situation. But for today, here’s what you need to know about the May 2021 full moon and lunar eclipse.

“This eclipse signals a massive change when it comes to our beliefs, religion, and sense of global community. The changes from an eclipse take place over the following six months, but this marks a turning point for determining what we consider to be truth or fantasy. We have to…

Friday’s astrology suggests restraint and reflection is the best medicine

ZORA’s astrologer Ashleigh J. Day has specific advice for each sign in her weekly horoscope, but she also offers general advice for us as we head into the weekend.

“Friday evening brings an opportunity for healing in the spiritual community as Mercury (in Sagittarius) harmonizes with Chiron (in Aries). This will be especially poignant for those wounded by religion and impacted by violence in defense of it. What have we learned as a collective about the masculine influence on religious bodies and doctrine? There may be discussions about self-identification via religion and where that can sometimes lead people astray.”


Let’s unpack 2020 summer astrology and eclipses near Juneteenth and Fourth of July

Astrologers told us that 2020 was going to be a helluva year. And so far, it has given us more to think about than we could possibly have imagined. As Covid-19 continues to spread, we are also witnessing and partaking in a renewed fight against anti-Black racism that is taking shape around the globe. To many, the messages in the stars have a lot to say about who we are, why we are this way, and how we can use the energy of the cosmos — and in our own prayers — to shift things one way or the other.


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