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This week, look at song as a spiritual practice, inviting vibrations that support your intentions or goals for the week.

Music is a universal language used since the beginning of time to heal, invoke, celebrate, connect and so much more. Music is also an energy exchange, and for many listeners, the vibrations of songs often go overlooked. Different keys align with different chakras (or energy centers) in our bodies just as different frequencies, lyrics, instruments awaken different emotions. …


Words matter, so use them wisely, advises Amber the Alchemist in a weekly oracle and tarot pull for the ZORA collective.

Last week’s guidance of rest and meditation revealed the fundamental steps necessary before we face the upcoming cycles ahead. This time and space we’ve granted ourselves illuminated any negative beliefs or patterns (including impatience) that may have been preventing us from aligning with our highest potential.

The Mantra card that I pulled for this week invites us to bring our attention and focus to how we communicate with ourselves and others. The basic foundational belief of manifestation is that our words and thoughts hold the power to create our reality. …

The effects of retrograde are far from over. Are you ready for what’s next?

Mercury’s retrograde through the sign of Gemini came to an end yesterday , June 22, but don’t breathe that sigh of relief just yet! It will take until July 7 to fully clear the retrograde energies. This is because Mercury retrogrades have two shadow periods: the pre-shadow period and the post-shadow period.

Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Gemini on May 29, but the pre-shadow period started on May 15 — an almost two-week introduction or building up of issues we likely confronted during the actual retrogradation. During this two-week period, Mercury was direct but slowing down in the…


Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

As Mercury in haterade and eclipse season has us battling with revelations, miscommunications, delays, and unexpected mixups, we are tasked by Spirit to keep our cool.

Baba Cutlass’s energetic influence on the collective this week stresses the importance of mind over matter. The key to this week is our receptiveness to informational downloads, healing a relationship, extending forgiveness, releasing a situation, or preparing for the next chapter.


June-July transits bring us the energy we need to get things started and to get our way.

On June 11, the planet of action, passion, and heat enters Leo. If “Hot Girl Summer” needed an official start date, this is it.

Mars in Leo is unapologetically embodied, inspired by brave action, and thrives on creative expression. (The “Hot Girl” herself, Megan Thee Stallion, actually has this placement in her natal chart, muah). Where Mars in Cancer may have made us sleepy, sentimental, and tender, Mars in Leo urges us all to show up courageously, to funnel our spirits into the people and activities that light us on fire!

In your chart, look to the house that contains…


Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

As we collectively stand at the crossroads between two paths, we invite our highest and wisest selves to come forth, delivering guidance to make a decision for inner peace, balance, and direction.

There is a sense of urgency placed on us this week to step outside of this neutral terrain and move in a solid direction. Without this cosmic push, we’d stay in limbo without a wholehearted commitment. The universe responds to surety and decisiveness. Once you decide to put both feet in, there’s always an advancement. Sometimes it manifests in big ways like showers of opportunities, an increase in…

This lunar move helps us to sort out truth versus fantasy.

The monthly ZORAscope comes out at the beginning of each month and you can always check here for the full astrological situation. But for today, here’s what you need to know about the May 2021 full moon and lunar eclipse.

“This eclipse signals a massive change when it comes to our beliefs, religion, and sense of global community. The changes from an eclipse take place over the following six months, but this marks a turning point for determining what we consider to be truth or fantasy. We have to…

Spirit Medicine

Amber the Alchemist explains this week’s tarot and oracle spread

As a nurturer, sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is create space between the people and things we care for the most, giving them room to sit with the tools that you’ve given them to individually blossom and learn. This week, we’re in for a lesson on tough love!

This insight stems from the Mami card and the Challenge card, which I pulled for the ZORA collective. Here’s what it all means.

In all of her abundance, Mami represents the divine feminine figure, the creatress, the mother, and the unconditional lover. It is she, who in her womb…


Amber the Alchemist explains this week’s tarot and oracle pull

The medicine offered us by the tarot card Baba Cutlass is one of discernment, logic, awareness, clarity, logic, structure, and authority. It blends well with the astrological transits of this week as well. Paired with Mercury (the planet of communication) currently stationed in the sign of Gemini, we have an opportunity to sort out all matters of the mind, expression, and communication. In our May 2021 horoscope, ZORA resident astrologer Ashleigh D. Jay says of this transit: “it’s important to write, record, and document all ideas that come to mind. …

Venus ended her time in Taurus and flitted over to Gemini on May 8, increasing the desire to chat and exchange insight with people who pique our curiosity and those who can help us impact our community. Did you feel it?

Meanwhile here is one way to think about and work with this week’s new moon energy:

May 11 brings the Taurus new moon, which asks us to do the work to grow. Perhaps you need a new landscape to grow on or new seeds to plant or new nurturing methods. Either way, this is a great lunation for making…


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