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Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.


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America has a performative problem. CBS is only one of many.

Nigeria’s young activists are doing the work — but they can’t do it alone

Photos: Emmanuel Mensah Agbeble

Doing It My Way

Activist Adrienne Maree Brown discusses how to make revolution irresistible and what Black liberation looks like for Black women

A closeup photo of Adrienne Maree Brown against the sky.
Adrienne Maree Brown. Photos: Anjali Pinto

Republicans gave their condolences to the late senator, but their actions are hypocritical to Lewis’ life’s work

Photo: Jeff Hutchens/Getty Images

Through grassroots efforts, we’ve found abundance among ourselves

A photo of the trans flag hanging on a balcony.
Photo: MarioGuti/Getty Images

She always believed she could do more for farmworkers by organizing a union to fix income inequality

A portrait of Dolores Huerta.
Dolores Huerta. Photo courtesy of the author.

Know Your History

The anthropologist’s storied career extended far beyond her work alongside men.

Office of the NAACP’ S Crisis Magazine where Irene Diggs worked, 1910. Photo: George Rinhart/Getty Images

Participants at The Second Latin American Exchange of Fishermen and Fisherwomen Against the Exploitation of the Sea. Photographs: Valda Noguiera

The descendants of escaped slaves are claiming their stake against big corporations

Our matriarchal cultures were built to resist

Photos courtesy of Manuel

Doing It My Way

The Black Lives Matter co-founder and principal at Black Futures Lab shares her thoughts on leadership, freedom, and the 2020 election cycle

Photo courtesy of Alicia Garza


Celebrating and centering the experiences of women of color.

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