Stop Expecting Men to Be Your Intellectual Peers

Embrace the Era of “Woman Talk” and “Quiet the Intellectual Garble” when Men Enter the Room

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3 min readJul 9, 2023


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“Quiet down, Manosphere! Women are talking.”

Stop depending on men for intellectual stimulation.

50+ years back it was common for men to refer to certain topics as, “man talk”. These topics usually fell under intellectual matters like business, finance, stocks, sports, math, machinery, (other women), etc. If the “women folk” entered the parlor during a time such as this, the men would “quiet down on the man talk” for all the child like creatures.

Listen here, ladies. Times have changed, and it is time you recognize the truth. We have entered an era where “woman talk” has never been more needed, more apparent, than it is now. Yes, the time when women “quiet the intellectual garble down” to accommodate the basic “men folk” when they enter the room, is way overdue.

With male mental health crisis and education disparities being at critical levels, it is time women recognize the shift in the paradigm, and make the adjustments.

Sis, cut down your frustration and speak to your intellectual kin just as men used to.

*cuts eyes*

Quiet down, Manosphere! Women are talking.

Sit your ashy asses down incels! Women have taken over the wheel.

Women are discussing business, six-figure hustles, brand building, real estate, physics, social currency, sexual domination, activism, intellectual equity, and much more.

When the intelligentsia among women recognize their true placement in the social hierarchy they can stop looking to men “to be their everything”. He can’t be your everything, Sis. You’re smarter than him. You’re deeper than he is, and you have a hard spiritual connection in this age of the Divine Feminine. He, as your man, is there to lend support in many ways, but being your intellectual peer may not be one of them.

Your intellectual peers will most likely be found in a strong sisterhood, coven or digital coven, social network, or professional network that is focused on highlighting the…



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