Rest, Cleanse and Ground: Spiritual Self-Care is in Order

It’s time to be intentional about an energetic reset

4 of Cutlass card from the Akamara tarot deck.

This week we are planting our feet in the ground and allocating time to rest. 4 of Cutlass is a card that often appears when we are in dire need of a getaway! Now is the time to put our worries to the back burner and recharge our energy before we’re forced to deal with a new hand of cards or revisit situations that require our utmost attention. It’s the time we owe ourselves to process, rest, recoup,

“Inactive does not mean asleep.”

Spirit is crystal clear on this week’s message of slowing down and prioritizing time to de-stress, whilst being intentional with our time and energy. As I look at the woman illustrated in the 4 of Swords (or 4 of Cutlass), Spirit stresses the importance of spiritual cleansing, partially taking a spiritual bath. Set some time in your schedule this week to cleanse and ground. For newbies, a good ‘ol salt bath always does the trick. We often forget the many powers and properties of salt — purifying, cleansing, preserving, including in the Bible. Leviticus 2:13 reads: “And every offering of your grain offering you shall season with salt; you shall not allow the salt of the covenant of your God to be lacking from your grain offering. With all your offerings you shall offer salt.”

Consider a spiritual bath an offering to your spirit’ it can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like! Salt, lemon, Florida water, vodka, baking soda, mint, basil, lavender, orange peels are some of my favorites for cleansing. You can even gather an array of herbs, flowers, essential oils, etc. and let it simmer over the stove (don’t forget to pray over your bath and speak your intentions in the ingredients) to create the basic mixture to pour into a homemade spiritual bath.

If you want to avoid the cleanup you can strain the mixture or if you prefer to bathe with everything (I do!) you can do that too. The main intention is to clear away all energetic debris and start with a clean slate. After you soak in your bath for at least 20 mins, envision all the of negative energy being washed away from you as it flows down the drain. Do not towel dry, but instead like the woman illustrated, air dry. If you’d like to wear clothes afterwards, make sure it is white and that your head is covered.

P.S.: I totally understand that not everyone has access to a bathtub! Another way you can do this is take the boiled water concoction and put it into a spray bottle and spray yourself from your head to your toes while you’re taking a shower.

Cleansing our energy is just the first step! Afterwards, you must ground.

Remember, this all doesn’t have to be in the same day nor does it have to be a drawn out ritual! It is the intention that counts, but do make sure you are taking your time, have pure intentions and the desire to do the exercise.

Throughout the week, consider practical grounding exercises as you slow down.

  • Make a home-cooked meal including root vegetables like onions, sweet potato, carrots, turnips
  • Work with grounding herbs like basil, thyme, oregano (or Italian seasoning!), ginger, tumeric
  • Try a white light meditation
  • Drink chamomile, valerian, or lemon balm tea at night to settle your nerves and help you wind down
  • Take a nature walk! If you’re about that life you can plant your bare feet into the ground or huge a tree
  • Check out a root chakra meditation on Youtube
  • Listen to grounding hz frequencies during your morning or nighttime rituals (my fave is 396 hz)
  • Work with crystals like clear quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, hematite

The biggest takeaway from this week is using your time wisely to tend to your spiritual hygiene. The cleansing and grounding is an essential step that we can’t skip! It allows us to reclaim our energy and recharge so we can face the next task(s) at hand.

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