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Say ‘Yes’ When They Offer Help: Spirit Medicine Weekly

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

Triggers are emotional reactions that transport you to traumatic experiences where you’ve felt unseen, unheard, or unsafe. They can be sharp reminders of where you’ve been, but also provide the opportunity to face the wound and initiate healing. Are you ready to climb up that mountain this week? The Five of Cowrie, whose image is below, shows up in this week’s pull and reveals that you may be challenged by a material loss, a scarcity mindset, or a lack of support.

When lack of support or financial resources is all that you’ve known, those deficiencies tend to pop up during moments when your financial security is threatened or you are feeling ungrounded. Scarcity mindset is a train of thought; often persuading you to believe that because your needs have never been met they never will be, you will never get the financial space that you desire, or you will always be alone. These may be things that your shadow self or outside forces have told you, but they are only true if you believe them to be.

These current roadblocks are only temporary! You are breathing in a universe that grants all the opportunity to be architects of your desired reality!

If your finances feel a little shaky right now, take advantage of the resources that are available to you. This is a time to put your alchemical powers to the test! Real alchemy occurs when you work with different elements to find that recipe that works for you; this may take you out of contemplation and into action.

If you’ve grown up in environments where you were fully accountable for your survival, independence is a part of your identity. It’s the reason why people respect and admire you, but on the flip side can be the reason why you are exhausted right now. There is a deep yearning to be seen, valued, and supported by others. Have you isolated yourself in the process of your day-to-day survival? Remember, at any given point you can take your mask off and reveal that you are human, and in your best Ari Lennox voice say: “We need people!”

You may have a pattern of turning down help, even when you need it most, but what if this time you comply and say “yes”? It’s okay to admit that you don’t have it all together this week. Despite how it may seem, no one really does! Not to mention we’re in a pandemic and we’re all doing the best that we can.

5 of Cowrie: Akamara Tarot

The relationship and connection that we have with ourselves mirror the relationships you have with money, family, friends, and romantic connections. To feel supported, one must also support. This week, you are called to look at yourself in the mirror. With full transparency, Spirit asks you to clearly see how you are showing up for yourself and how that manifests in your relationships.

Don’t allow past memories where your ego blocked your blessings to haunt you, just let it be a humbling reminder of the balance of the universe — sometimes we’re the givers and other times we are the receivers. If you find yourself on the receiving end this week, graciously accept, allowing others to be blessed by their generosity. You will pay it forward one day, or perhaps you already have in the past! Embrace all opportunities for financial grounding, emotional support, and full presence in your connections.

The Medicine

— Find a root chakra meditation or practice that resonates with you.

— Practice acceptance of where you are in this moment.

— Reflect on what is “lacking” from your relationships at this time.

— Ask yourself: Do I feel supported? What is my relationship with money? Have I victimized myself in the past and projected that energy onto others? Is there a door that I’ve closed that I desire to reopen? Has my relationship with my career or finances overshadowed my personal relationships?

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