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Putting My Business in a Time Out on the Biggest Shopping Days of the Year

I’m closing my retail store for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

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3 min readNov 21, 2023


As the owner of Cakewalk Chicago, a haven for aspiring bakers and cake decorating enthusiasts, I’m making a bold statement by keeping the doors firmly closed on the biggest shopping days of the year. This might seem like an odd move and it’s not about turning my back on commerce; it’s about reclaiming my time, my energy, and my narrative.

Entrepreneurship while Black Womaning is often shaped by the pressures of constant growth and profit maximization, I know that success isn’t cookie-cutter. For me it’s about the community I’ve built, the relationships I’ve nurtured, and the positive impact I’ve had on the lives of others. The in-person conversations and the growing number of 5-star reviews are testimony to that. Thank you!

If you’re familiar with history, navigating the small business landscape as a Black woman means confronting a system rooted in colonialism and exploitation. While the allure of a seven-figure bank account might sound appealing, it’s often a misleading and unattainable goal that sets many up for failure.

The narrative of success in the small business realm often revolves around events like Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, but these days don’t provide sustainable support for businesses like mine. Designating one day for financial backing perpetuates uncertainty.

Consumers get the opportunity to jump on deals, but it comes at a cost. The pressure to consume can lead to overspending, impulse purchases, and a sense of overwhelm. And for businesses, the focus on discounts puts pressure on and can divert attention from the true value and quality independent businesses provide. True support goes beyond single-day transactions and is sustained by commitment to building a resilient small business landscape that prioritizes sustainable consumption.

I’m redefining success beyond monetary gains and also acknowledging the multifaceted roles I play as an entrepreneur, an educator, a community leader, and a nurturer. Taking a stand against Black Friday and Small Business Saturday is a declaration of my worth in a system that often undervalues my contributions. It’s a reminder that I don’t have to conform to the pursuit of profit at the expense of my well-being and the well-being of my community.

The rebellion of rest and reclaiming time is one way to disrupt the hyper-capitalist narrative that perpetuates burnout and exploitation. By nurturing myself, I create a foundation of strength and vitality, enabling me to continue my journey with renewed vigor and purpose.

To do that I need a support system that extends beyond traditional metrics and accolades. I need a community that celebrates the successes of Black Women entrepreneurs no matter how small they may seem. A system that empowers me to defy norms, and craft a path that aligns with my values and aspirations.

I embrace sweet rebellion and self-care.

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