Reconnect With Your Magic This Week

Amber the Alchemist pulls a tarot and an oracle card just for you

Omo Calabash by Akamaratarot .

There is magic in the unexpected this week. Serendipitous synchronicities are omens. Use them to embrace your trust-relationship with self, your ability to co-create with the universe, and your ability to be a catalyst for healing.

Healing isn’t linear nor is it always sparked by intention. There are opportunities for us to heal all of our bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies daily), but are we attentive and receptive to them?

Spirit meets us with a challenge this week to reconnect to our own magic — the power of infinite possibility — and lean into our child-like innocence.

Through the presence in our experience and connections, Spirit extends gems to us that can expand our perspectives of the world around us and within us. Those gems this week are sparkling through creative expression and connecting to our inner child.

When we were children, anything seemed possible. We were told “the sky’s the limit,” and we believed it. With our innocence and vivid imaginations, we were empowered by our teachers and families to change the world. As massive as the world seemed, our ability to create radical change not only felt possible, but it felt like a responsibility.

Through growing pains, microaggressions, projections, and exposure to trauma, we began to harden. At some point, the affirmations of childhood became scarce, and the empowering conversations slowly decreased and were eventually replaced by preparation for disappointment, skepticism, and exhaustion.

We’ve become disconnected from the dreamer that lives within us, only being able to see and trust what is right in front of us. But, Spirit meets us with a challenge this week to reconnect to our own magic — the power of infinite possibility — and lean into our child-like innocence.

Awakened Soul Oracle Deck by Ethony.

An open mind and open heart are necessary to receive the medicine from Spirit as inspiration, miracles, and signs of alignment are unveiled through unexpected sources. Notice the changes in your feelings when you begin to investigate the environment around you and pay attention to the people, places, and things you’d typically ignore. If your heart resists, this is Spirit’s way of showing you that healing is necessary or currently taking place.

As your imagination awakens, unique thoughts may even be the premise of your next creative pursuit. Be more patient with people who you perceive to be immature; they have a unique perspective, startling wisdom, or pure joy to share. You might’ve been missing out by taking yourself or others too seriously.

Omo Calabash (Page of Cups) also comes through as a messenger, so there may be a youthful water sign (Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer) that you are getting close to this week. Keep an eye on the creative industries, especially fashion and beauty, for innovative news or launches, especially if the news intersects with holistic healing and wellness. You may even feel called to experiment with nontraditional healing modalities like reiki, acupuncture, tarot, or astrology.

The energy surrounding us this week blesses us with fresh perspectives and prophetic dreams to heal, move forward in our creative passions, bring life into this world (pregnancy news!), or a new romantic interest. Dream it up and live in the present to indulge in unpredicted joy!

The Medicine:

  • Write a letter to your childhood self
  • Pay close attention to signs from the universe
  • Play with children to nurture your inner child
  • Explore unique ideas that come to mind
  • Try a healing technique that you’ve been curious about

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