Personal Foul: Jill Biden Wanted To Invite The Losing NCAA Women’s Basketball Team To The White House

She’s backtracked.

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LSU women’s basketball player Angel Reese has been hit with a torrent of disrespect since helping her team defeat the University of Iowa women’s basketball team this Sunday for the NCAA women’s championship.

Caitlin Clark, a White basketball player, is the star player for the Hawkeyes, and some White people are big mad that she was defeated by Reese.

They are so mad that they treated a simple hand gesture by Reese as if she’d gone upside Clark’s head.

The First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, stoked the fire by wanting to invite both teams to the White House. Let’s put it this way — LSU is viewed as the Black team while the University of Iowa is viewed as the White team.

It is tradition for championship sports teams to visit the White House and meet the president.

It is not tradition for the losing team to also be invited.

When it comes to sports — and many things in life — almost doesn’t count.

Biden suggested Monday at an event in Colorado that both LSU and Iowa should visit, “because they played such a good game.”

There is no reason for Caitlyn Clark and her team to also be invited to the White House. They lost. Simple as that.

Inviting them is an insult to Reese and her teammates. It’s devaluing LSU’s accomplishment. It’s making them share their moment, that they earned, with people who didn’t, and who don’t deserve it. It’s their spotlight, their time to shine.

We’ve seen this before. When Black students have the highest GPA and earn the valedictorian spot, there have been high schools that have made them share their title with undeserving students— when the undeserving student is White.

In fact, we see these microaggressions all the time.



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