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Performative Activism Is the New ‘Color-Blind’ Band-Aid for White Fragility

White people embracing hashtags won’t help us destroy anti-Black racism. Here’s why.

A photo of an Instagram post of a black square as part of #BlackOutTuesday.
Instagram post for the #blackouttuesday social media campaign. Photo: Mark Trowbridge/Getty Images

A week ago, thousands of people uploaded a black square onto their social media accounts to observe, mourn, and advocate for policy change in the wake of the murder of George Floyd. Celebrities…




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Maia Niguel Hoskin, Ph.D.

Maia Niguel Hoskin, Ph.D.

Professor, Forbes Contributor, Race Scholar, Activist, Therapist, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Wife, Mother, & Addict of Ice Cream &Cheese. www.drmaiahoskin.com

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