Our Top 10 Stories of the Year That Celebrate Women of Color

As selected by our team of editors, especially for you

Photo Illustration; Source Credit: oxygen/Getty Images

Living Alone Is a Revolutionary Act by Jennifer Chowdhury

Black Trans Women Deserve More by various writers

How to Pick Up Anything by Vanessa Hua

Excuse Me, May I Raise Your Child? by Farai Chideya

Black in the Midwest by various writers

The Hygiene Culture Wars That Started on Social Media by Nicole Froio

60 Years Ago, She Refused to Stand for the Anthem by Amira Rose Davis

What I Saw at the Values Voter Summit by Tina Vasquez

Black Women Are Leading the Charge in the Fight for Clean Water in Newark by Naomi Extra

How Black and Brown Mystical Artists Are Tapping Into Our Ancestral Power by Tiffany Walden

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