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I’ve Got OLA—Old Lady Attitude— and I’m Totally Cool With It

Old lady energy and attitude (OLE/OLA) the good, the bad, and the funny

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7 min readMar 21, 2022
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Although I don’t look it, I have old lady attitude (OLA) and old lady energy (OLE). I’m 45+ and while most people are shocked by how young I look in comparison to my age, the OLA and OLE are in full effect. I tried to fight it! I’ve even been a huge advocate against it. I frowned upon it, and I talked horribly about old ladies, their nasty attitudes, and judgmental comments in the grocery stores on how people should dress, wear their hair, or raise their children and then I caught myself having OLA.

Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash

Signs of OLA rising

A nap is a necessity not a choice and I’m not ashamed of it.

I opt for comfort over a snazzy look and yes, I know snazzy is an old lady term.

My dating life is even boring and has OLA. I used to love being wined and dined, whisked away to exciting excursions, and spending weekends in exotic places. Now it’s comfort over excitement. I want to sleep in my own bed, smell my sheets, and rest my head on my own pillow knowing that I’m comfortable.

I don’t want new smells. I don’t want to sit on questionable furniture, with unfamiliar patterns, textures, and stains. If I didn’t make the stain, it’s potentially other people’s DNA — I say… OPD is eww). I don’t want to go on a high-end excursion and come back with bed bugs, lice, or the coronavirus especially as it mutates and has literally touched everyone in my family (in spite of our preventive measures).

On a lighter and budget-friendly note, my stomach and taste buds prefer my own food. Yet, I unconsciously bring OLA and OLE with resting stank face whenever I taste someone else’s anything that doesn’t taste like mine. I wish I didn’t have this affliction, but I do, and I wish I were apologetic about it — but I’m not. I’ve been cooking since I was 9 and between my Gam, Julia Childs, and every cookbook, and show on PBS or the…



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