North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio: Get Ready To Recalibrate

Camille Michelle Gray


On January 19th, there will be a shift in our collective narrative. The North Node will move into Taurus, and the South Node will move into Scorpio. Before we get into what this means, let’s address some basics.

The North Node and South Node (nodes) are not celestial bodies — they are mathematical points in the sky. In modern astrology, these points are linked to fate, karmic lessons, and ultimate fulfillment of a soul’s desire. The nodes are always exactly opposite one another. The sign of the South Node represents archetypes that have been mastered. The sign of the North Node represents archetypes that need to be embodied and that are tied in with our life’s purpose.

These nodes are an axis of growth. Our natal charts can show us our personal nodal story, the static arc of development we incarnated into. But the transiting nodes, which change signs every 1.5 years, show us the chapter of development we are in, the areas and topics of life that are due for deeper exploration. This work is done collectively, our outer reality becoming a macrocosm of what we grapple with personally. The nodes can underscore the specific themes that confront a society, weaving into our collective development the productive and unproductive potential of a sign’s energy. The signs of the nodes are the signs of the times.

Think of the transiting North Node as what gains and the transiting South Node as what drains. Generally, the sign of the North Node tells us which themes can increase or get amplified. The sign of the South Node tells us which themes can decrease or need to be detached from. The sign of the North Node can provide an antidote to the distortions of the sign of the South Node, representing what we collectively need to balance and reach for.

This dichotomy can show up in literal and symbolic ways. For example, when the South Node was traveling through the sign of Sagittarius over the last year or so we saw a decrease in our ability to travel and a major hit to airlines because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The symbolic drain of the South Node in Sagittarius also showed up in the global spread of Covid-19 itself, limiting our freedom and sense of expansion. We were shown the distorted and scattered…