My Top 9#MetGala Looks of 2022

Brittany Talissa King
2 min readMay 3, 2022
  1. Spotted, on the staircases of the Mark Hotel. It’s Mrs. Blake Lively, taking first place with a 2-in-1 outfit change. xoxo….

2. I heard *actual* thunder when I saw Stormzy struck the red carpet with his sharp white suit complimenting his beautiful skin.

3. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker — Say what you want about these two, but I enjoyed this black-and-white duo. They place third, not only because their outfits suit their aesthetic, but because their outfits cool vibe depended on each other.

4. Christine Baranski — she ATE. #fullstop

5. Gwen Stefani looks like a 90’s highlighter and I’m not mad at all! #nodoubt

6. Gigi Hadid — “Call the babysitter, momma’s going out!”

7. LIZZO reminding the public that she’s a classically trained flutist while serving the theme on point!

8. From the White House to the Met Gala — Kanye West once said “Kim Kardashian is the Marilyn Monroe of our generation.” So it’s only fitting for Kim to wear Marylin Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to the Met after leaving the White House Correspondents Dinner. #bonappetit

9. Vanessa Hudgens — “We’re soarrrrringgg, FLYINGGGGGGG!”

Brittany Talissa King

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