Mind Your Money and Sharpen Your Thoughts: Your April Monthly Horoscope

April brings an Aries new moon, honesty in deal-making, and cleaning out the closets

As you’ve noticed, I took a bit of a break. This column began at the onset of the pandemic, and now that we’re a year in (whew!), I needed to switch it up by going from weekly to monthly. I hope you continue to enjoy the ’scopes!

Word for the month

Immerse yourself in the bounty and beauty of what currently exists.

Moons of the month

Don’t forget to record how you feel as the moon changes signs. In a month or two, you will see a pattern. Take note!

April 11: Aries new moon

April 26: Scorpio full moon

Summary of the month

As April begins, we’re on the edge of discovering what we’re really holding onto and why.

Stay alert on April 1, as people will likely be in the mood to play too damn much for April Fools Day. The world is enough of a joke. Let’s save the pranks for never.

Mercury moves into Aries on April 3, sharpening our words and thoughts the more we engage with their energies. Quick thinking and quick speaking could occasionally land us in trouble if we’re not deliberate about our intellectual offerings. If you’ve been blocked, use this energy to pull yourself out of the blahs. People may also be more argumentative and defensive. Proceed in battle with courage and a hint of caution. This Mercury is going to move quickly, clearing Aries in only 16 days compared to the usual 21.

Once you’ve gathered yourself a bit, the Aries new moon on April 11 will help you take the necessary steps into your new beginning. The pandemic and the lingering effects of living in the United States have taken a toll on all of us and made many rethink how we want to participate in society, if at all. As we reprogram our thoughts and confront the visceral reality of our world, it’s not enough to simply think better thoughts. Those thoughts need to be converted to belief and transmuted into action—and not just a one-time action. This needs to be consistent. What are you willing to do to be who you are? Are you willing to protect (or not impede on) others’ right to do the same?

Venus returns home to Taurus on April 14, bringing the full weight of what we possess to our attention, be it values, items, relationships, or finances. Venus seeks to unify and live in abundance. Quality is the name of the game when Venus is in Taurus, along with wealth. There’s an emphasis on making sure that you’re aware of your desires and investigating them. How do you feel in your body? Are your desires being honored? Why do you want the things you want?

Midmonth, there’s a stretch between April 15 and 18 that’s full of big writing and creative energy. There’s room for quick thoughts and fast arguments. We’re able to get into more clear and effective communication thanks to Taurus Venus making our true desires known. This is about doing what we say and saying what we mean.

Speaking of which, the sun and Mercury enter Taurus on April 19, giving us a beauty boost and shining a light on what we have available for use as we slay. It’s time to go through your closet, make necessary edits and donations, and compile lists for your looks. As more people get vaccinated and the weather breaks, folks are going to fill the various beauty-related businesses in droves. Make appointments at your comfort level and budget. Taurus doesn’t want to skimp on care, and you shouldn’t either.

The truth of what we consider valuable and our ability to find a quality deal kick in under these skies.

Expect lots of talk about money and the movement of currency as people spend their stimulus checks or deal with the lack thereof. Our sense of community and how we support it must change now that there are so many women out of work and soon to be out of housing. The way we determine and provide charity has to be adjusted.

It’s going to take a radical shift to make this happen, which is why Venus joining Uranus (in Taurus) on April 22 is so timely. Expect news about earthquakes and other natural disasters, plus a total redefinition of our economy as we know it. There could be conversation about where resources go and defining what we truly need. Relationships could be under the microscope as your sense of fulfillment undergoes a change. Your tastes have evolved along with you. This may be the time to shake loose desires and values that no longer serve you. Are you really doing what you want?

Our emotions become more aligned with our actions on April 23, for better or worse, when Mars enters Cancer. As Cancer takes cues from the moon, Mars will change temperature every 2.5 days. Pay attention to how people move in this energy and how you handle your more intense feelings.

As the feelings move forward, we reach the Scorpio full moon on April 26. At this point in the month, the stubbornness of wanting what we want sets in, leaving us ready to fight for what we desire. This is also a time to let go of what you think transformation is supposed to look like. Being able to hold the line as things change is not easy, but it’s not insurmountable. What are you willing to do for what you have?

Pluto (in Capricorn) goes retrograde on April 27 and subtly drops us into the deeper facets of the physical changes we’re making. The structure of our society is due for an overhaul, and we’ve got more work to do. How has fear of death or change kept you from living your life?

Closing out the month is the sun joining Uranus in Taurus on April 30, highlighting the true wealth we possess inside and what we can do with it.

As the economy responds to the system, we will find ourselves in need of survival skills. What talents and skills do you have that serve basic human needs? Think about it, and look into how you can add some security to your wallet.


March 21–April 19

April brings invigoration and excitement as you start off feeling yourself and seeing your image anew. Use your new moon to tap into who you are in this season. The glow-up is real. It’s a tricky situation when worth, talent, and values come up for review. What do you need to feel secure and able to move about freely? There could be some agitation with your family, so be mindful of your reactions and pay attention to theirs. There’s more to the story when it comes to the resources you have historically had at your disposal. Pay homage as needed.


April 20–May 20

Various work-related events have caused hidden irritants to rise to your attention. Take the necessary moments to yourself to gain a fresh perspective on what inspires you to switch it up. Now that the landscape has shifted, you’re following suit as we enter your season. Beauty is your name, and it’s mandatory for you to adorn and love on yourself. Investing in your new look and chatting it up with your cousins and homies could do you a world of good. The full moon asks you to see the true value of what you bring to your bonds and vice versa. It’s okay to admit that things need to change and to let go of what you’ve been over.


May 21–June 20

Giving your social circle and goals a face-lift are on the menu at the start of April. The more you can focus on what stimulates you into action, the better you can determine who you need to link up with before things get more introspective as the month goes on. Deep down, you could be wondering about the habit of movement for movement’s sake. Security could become more of a priority as you cut ties with spending on things that don’t involve comfort or nourishment. Release the need to be secretive about what you truly want. You don’t have to just be the messenger of others; your needs should be heard, too.


June 21–July 22

You’re seeing your reputation and status in the streets with a brand-new perspective thanks to some information brought your way. It could be time for a career change or an image refresh. Either way, you’re making a clear distinction between who you’ve been and who you are. If you’ve fallen into an activity rut, look for different workouts or ways to put that energy somewhere. You could feel more agitated than usual, so mind your mood and libido. Let go of certain pleasures that once held your focus and obsession and led you into ruin. Intensity is one thing; debilitating pain is another.


July 23–August 22

Your belief in and practice of leadership is being called up for review as April begins. There’s a knowledge gap that you’re seeking to fill. The best way to do it is through action in pursuit of fulfilling your curiosities. You’re becoming aware of how legendary you truly are, and it’s right on time; the bag is coming, and it’s heavy. Before you hurt your hands counting your funds, you’ve got some tender emotional spots to nurse as you slay forward. Transmute the darker parts of your upbringing into something valuable and useful. Your creativity is a lifeline. Hold tight.


August 23–September 22

When’s the last time you got in touch with how your power and intensity meshes with others? Take a look at what you’ve accomplished with people by your side (or not). You’ve got major lessons to learn about pleasure and how it relates to spirituality. What has too much restriction done to your sense of fun? The departure of a few acquaintances and admirers will make room for who’s truly meant to be in the group photo when it’s time to celebrate. While you’re gathering your latest self-made curriculum, don’t get too attached to the lesson plan — it’s adapting to your journey. Allow it.


September 23–October 22

The month starts and so does the shit with you and your loved ones. It seems like you can’t get on the same page with them, and you’re at a point where you just want peace and chill in your sanctuary. What are the mutual comforts and luxuries that require attention? Sensuality begins with the senses. Somebody’s being stubborn with the good stuff, and you might be surprised if it’s actually you. Work could be a tense place as bonds are broken and built fresh. Underneath it all, you’re not interested in being aligned with something that’s not truly beneficial.


October 23–November 21

Things feel a bit awkward as April begins, especially when it comes to your desired work environment and wellness. Your health is screaming to be a larger priority these days, and it refuses to be ignored. Mind your head, especially when it comes to headaches and migraines. This month is one long full moon for you, so relationships are a major factor. So many things have changed, and it’s hard to let go of anything else, even if it’s bad for you. Spend a little more time meditating on the worth of your bonds. What about your connections make them feel worth it to you?


November 22–December 21

It was a bit of rough start to the year, but as spring shows up, so does your joie de vivre. Your jokes are funnier than normal, and your smile is that much brighter. You’ve earned the moment to shine, and in the process, you’re in the mood to celebrate. Adding more lavishness to your daily life could help you hold onto that relaxed, grounded feeling much longer. Your friskiness and neediness come to the surface, and it’s up to you to be real about what you feel. Navigating your physical and emotional needs is also part of the journey, not just thrill-seeking. Get into the excitement of your human experience.


December 22–January 19

Family is on your mind at the start of the month, and it may not be easy to reconcile the differences. However, your independence is important at this time, and so is your dedication to pleasure and creativity. Take time to explore the things that make you feel like you’ve had a quality experience. What textures, flavors, colors, and sensations do you desire? What would you want to share with a partner or keep to yourself? This question also extends to your friendships. What kind of social life do you want to have? Give yourself a chance to experiment and see what you respond to.


January 20–February 18

It’s a serious new beginning for you mentally as you find the fire to work on that writing or legacy project that’s been on your mind for ages. Sometimes it takes a little more living to make the creative juices flow. Speaking of which, your living environment is due for an upgrade or refresh. Search for your sanctuary and let your lavish side take the lead for a change. Behaving based on what you need as a priority is a new challenge for you. As you find more beauty in your home and family life, you’ll discover that work becomes less chaotic and more confidence-building. Get used to engaging with and asking for what you want.


February 19–March 20

Anything that’s been going bang in the night is coming out to play. Even if your anger simmers under the surface, that doesn’t mean others don’t feel the heat or see the steam. What are those thoughts that stick like grits? Is it time to whip up some new ways of processing? Reevaluate how you engage with your relatives, siblings, and neighborhood. You may find a new source of income thanks to a close contact. Flirtation is a major urge later in the month. Be careful with how far you let things go because of what you feel in the moment. If you’re considering a return to school or wrapping up, your next steps will appear soon.

Illustrations: Dani Pendergast for Zora

#Aquarius astrologer finding the logic behind your instincts. | I talk about business, self-mastery, and pop culture.

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