Malcolm D. Lee Wrote Jordan the Way America Sees Single, Professional Black Women


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3 min readSep 28, 2023


Jordan Armstrong, the friend circle’s fixer and highly successful career woman who can’t keep a man.

I know The Best Man: The Final Chapters was released last year, but I just watched it.

The Best Man is centered on marriage. The movie title is a position in a wedding party. Every character in The Best Man gets married except Jordan Armstrong, the professional Black woman.

Let’s review the cast of female characters, shall we?

Robyn was an aloof creative who finally found her way, but when Harper proposed, she barely had a five-month career plan let alone a five-year career plan.

Candace, Murch’s wife, was a reformed stripper turned graduate student who was running a school/academic program with Murch.

Mia was a stay-at-home mom married to NFL star, Lance.

Shelby was a reformed thot (nice word for the garden tool) and mean girl turned reality star.

Meanwhile, Jordan, the one woman who graduated college and immediately began working in her field, climbed the corporate ladder, and had great accomplishments never got married; YET, she facilitated everyone’s problems and served as Godmother to Mia’s children but sat and ate alone on an exotic island while the others coupled up. They didn’t even put her with Lance.

Mr. Lee, that would’ve been a great plot! If Lance and Jordan hooked up that would’ve been Lance getting his lick back, and it would’ve been great to see Harper struggle not to care while Robyn looked on. And the sex scene would’ve been hot!

And that would’ve fit right in this little friend circle since Shelby was Murch’s woman before she was with Quentin, and Harper slept with Mia despite the fact Lance was his boy.

Let’s examine how Malcolm wrote Jordan.

In the original movie, she was a single, ambitious, young professional. She convinced Harper to spend the night with her despite him having a girlfriend. She looked lonely and needy for another woman’s man.

In the sequel, Jordan was dating a white guy who wasn’t around much.

In The Final Chapters, Jordan

  • was approached by a serial-entrepreneur-type, flaky, super…



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