LeBron James in Moscow?

The U.S. needs to press upon Russia for Brittney Griner

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3 min readMay 20, 2022


Minnesota Lynx vs Phoenix Mercury at Target Center in Minneapolis, MN on July 14 2019; the Lynx won the game 75–62. — Photo — Laurie Shaull (CC License)

I can’t imagine Russia detaining LeBron James or Kevin Durant, two of the NBA’s biggest stars. The NBA would be making a big a — stink right now every day all day.

But they have been detaining arguably the LeBron James/Kevin Durant of international women’s basketball. Her name is Brittney Griner.

I read that NBA Commish Adam Silver is working with the WNBA on getting Brittney Griner out of Russia but I am just saying — snatch one of our big, gigantic, international money draws, and we will fly to the White House, and demand some international consternation. We might call in a few favors.

You can add in every player who made the NBA All-Star team this year. I suspect these million-dollar athletes on billion-dollar teams would harass the U.S. State Department and force a deluge of diplomatic activity until their investment and asset (the player) were released.

Not so, at least not yet for the WNBA’s Brittney Griner, who has been referred to more than once as the best player in the WNBA. Griner has been detained in Russia now for 84+ days on charges the U.S. described as bogus. If you don’t believe me about Griner’s status as a basketball player, here are her credentials:

Wikipedia Commons screenshot

This past week we learn again she will be held for 30 more days. We also heard rumors that a prisoner swap might have been discussed. Brittney Griner for an arms dealer from Russia currently held in the U.S. Imagine.

I do not know what the U.S. is doing actually but I do believe that if this were Tom Brady he would have been released within 3–4 days tops. An apology might be forthcoming.

Russia is holding Griner because the heat for grabbing her is not so hot. They are holding her because they can get away with it.

We know Russia is losing the war and has destroyed its once favorable position in the energy market. We know Russia is isolated. We know Putin is sick too physically but also perhaps mentally.



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