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It’s Time to Strip Abusers and Oppressors of Their Victim Mentality

Astrology that centers women of color: June 22–June 28, 2020

We are just past the weekend’s solar eclipse, and now we’re seeing and feeling the world in a new way. As various revelations come to light over the next several months we’re going to be tested on our ability to start over. Late Monday night, Neptune stations retrograde at 11:31 p.m. CST, removing our rose-colored glasses and helping us see what’s truly going on inside of us. As we dissolve the illusions we’ve held onto for so long, we are pushed to dream new dreams.

Midweek, the Leo moon helps us reflect on how pride and stubbornness can get in the way of progress and fundamental change. All day Wednesday we have a void moon, which is when the moon makes no other major aspects before switching to another sign. Essentially, the moon is off the clock. During this time it’s good to do routine tasks and get in touch with the subtleties of your emotions. Rest, journal, or relax as much as you can Wednesday.

Thursday at 1:48 a.m. CST, Venus in Gemini goes direct and helps our relationships, fashion, and finances get back on track. As Venus moves forward, we will get clear on what we want and how we need to communicate with others about future plans and current desires. However, Gemini’s ruler Mercury is currently retrograde in Cancer. This means that our thought process and communication strategy will change every two days. Venus will provide us some relief, but there’s still much review to be done.

Later on Thursday, the Virgo moon brings the systems we live within to our collective awareness. We can begin to ask ourselves how useful these systems are. Who benefits and who loses under _______-ism? Do we like the results? Why or why not? What can be done to draw out the poison of our society? What do we want our new standard for humanity to be?

On Saturday, the final aspect of the Virgo moon is an opposition with Mars in Pisces. This aspect is also the last call for Mars in Pisces. As a collective, this is where we begin to do the work to strip abusers and oppressors of the victim mentality. Since May 13, what have you learned about your response to dreams, illusions, sacrifice, denial, and victimhood?

Later that day the Moon enters Libra, and it hits different now that Venus (Libra’s ruler) is direct. Libra rules balance, compromise, divorces, diplomacy, social gatherings, lawsuits, marriage, negotiations, partners, truces, unions, and warfare. This is important because we will be contending with these themes over the next six months, due to Mars entering Aries at 8:45 p.m. Mars is also at home in Aries, providing a fresh burst of energy, an urge to take action, and a hunger for new beginnings. We will be ready to do something about all of the things we’ve been talking about for so long. Mars rules the ability to work, accidents, action, aggressors, anger, attacks, brawls, brutality, bullets, conflict, construction, emergencies, fire, fury, fever, fist fighting, massacres, patriotism, the police, procreation, sexual energy (masculine), theft, violence, and wars.

I don’t say this to frighten you; I say this to prepare you. There is going to be a great deal of mayhem over the next six months. Mars stations retrograde on September 9 and goes direct on November 13. Protect yourself and your loved ones as best you can. There will be violence coming from all fronts be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. On Sunday, Mars (freshly in Aries) collaborates with Saturn (retrograde in Aquarius), giving us the energy and insight for what we can do as a collective to make things better for the groups we are in. This transit also can push people to develop their desired groups and networks. The lines are being drawn in the soil. It’s time to dig deep and explore what’s underneath the surface so we can rebuild.

Moons of the Week

Don’t forget to record how you feel as the moon changes signs. In a month or two, you will see a pattern. Take note!

Moon in Cancer — Since 6/21 @ 1:02 a.m. CST

Moon enters Leo — 6/23 @ 7:33 a.m. CST

Moon enters Virgo — 6/25 @ 12:05 p.m. CST

Moon enters Libra — 6/27 @ 3:16 p.m. CST

June 21–July 22

Engage with your faith in a higher power in a new way by revamping your dreams. The things that you used to dream about have come to pass. Over the next month or so, you will carry out the process of solidifying and pursuing your goals. Mars in Aries adds fuel to the fire that you’re using to shape your legacy.

July 23–August 22

At the top of the week, the veil lifts and you’re able to discern what the vibes really are between you and others. It’s time to begin reconstructing your network based on what you learned while Venus was retrograde. Mars in Aries could send you back to school, overseas, or at the head of the classroom. Do what’s divine.

August 23–September 22

You can no longer deny what you’re feeling about a certain partnership. Exploring those nagging feelings and how they manifest in the other person’s behaviors will be your homework for the next few months. What is the importance of what you do with/for/to someone you care for? That’s a long term question to meditate on, so don’t rush for the answer.

September 23–October 22

Honor the need for creativity and spirituality in your daily life. What did your grandparents, elders, or ancestors do to connect with Source? As your ruler Venus goes direct, you’re ready to learn new lessons and maybe impart some of your own. Mars in Aries will test your relationships in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. You may be reconsidering what defines a fair fight in 2020.

October 23–November 21

This week the fun can really begin. Romantically, you’re ready to dip more than a toe in the water. There’s a different weight and flavor to the conversations you’re having with your nearest and dearest. Mars (your ruler) is focusing the next six months on redesigning your work environment and its impact on your health.

November 22–December 21

You could be seeing home or family for what it truly is and determining their impact on your spiritual foundation. Your relationships have been under review but now that the smoke has cleared a bit, you want to expose your bonds to different stimuli. Mars in Aries wants to let the fire child come out to play for a while.

December 22–January 19

Despite Mercury retrograde, you’re beginning to understand how to get your point across and what dreams you want to devote your energy to. Creating a more comfortable home is at the forefront of your mind this week. You could be shopping for items that take the stress out of your day. The next six months will hold a heavy emphasis on family, your private life, and the parent who nurtured you most.

January 20–February 18

You could be seeing things more clearly when it comes to finances, debts, taxes, and any writing or learning projects you’re working on. Dig through your own crates and see what you can create with what you already have. Build some fun into your day. Tap in to the urge to do something good locally. Check on your siblings and/or relatives.

February 19–March 20

The gravity of who you’ve become washes over you early in the week. With the help of Venus and Mars, you’re honing in on what you want your sense of home to feel like and exactly what you’re willing to do to secure your bag. Be mindful of impulse spending in the name of others. Don’t neglect your own needs.

March 21–April 19

Fantasies fall away and the truth appears. As Mars comes home to your sign, you feel your blood and body come alive. Breathe and feel your fire. You are in control of your impulses, not the other way around. The next six months will be an intense internal battle as you fight for your right to be yourself.

April 20–May 20

Your ruler Venus is back to business as usual this week, helping you get your finances and self-worth information. You could begin to see a friend or colleague for who they are. Mars in Aries begins a phase where you begin to unload a great deal of baggage and anger. Explore how (not) taking action has affected you.

May 21–June 20

As Venus moves forward in your sign, you can be thinking about how you want to switch up your look. Open up those browser tabs and see what jumps out at you. Mars entering Aries brings the action to your friendships, network, and money you make from your career. The rest of the year can bring changes in your bonds in your bank account, but it’s all about how you balance work and play.

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