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This is an email from Keepin' It 💯, a newsletter by ZORA.

It’s been a rough week. Let’s make space for some joy.

Hey, ZORA Fam.

How are you holding up? We know it’s been a long week of trauma and drama. We lost rap legend DMX last Friday, the shooting death of Daunte Wright has us reeling from yet another instance of police brutality. We’re still enduring the grueling trial of Derek Chauvin, who is accused of murdering George Floyd last spring. Oh, and there’s still that pesky pandemic to worry about.

We are overwhelmed.

We want to help you find ways to smile through the struggle so we created The ZORA Joy List, a compilation of articles that will help you find joy in the present moment whether that be through play or meditation or just loving on yourself a little more.

We know battling white supremacy and bad news on an almost daily basis is exhausting. But don’t let this world take your joy away. Remember: happiness is your birthright.

Take care of yourselves!

––Jolie A. Doggett, Senior platform editor, ZORA

🌸The ZORA Joy List!🌸

Here are some articles to help you tap into your inner happiness.

Reparenting Myself Through Play Is My New Form of Self Care

The Healing Black Joy of Roller Skating

How I Found My Black Girl Joy Again

The Healing Power of Naps

A Step-By-Step Guide to Masturbation and Solo Sex

My Garden Is My Healing Space

Self Care Tips for Women Who Aren’t White

Please Don’t Forget About Black Joy This Month

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The Best of Us

ICYMI, here are some of our favorite recent ZORA stories

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Republican Hypocrisy, Campaign Funds and the Downfall of American Democracy

The Problem With Politeness

🗣️ The Last Word 🗣️

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” -Lena Horne




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Jolie A. Doggett

Jolie A. Doggett

book lover | fangirl | Black woman | Terp

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