Is Kim K Living the Single Mom Experience?

Money Can’t Buy Healthy Blended Family Dynamics

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8 min readNov 6, 2023


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Although she's exceptionally wealthy with an equally moneyed ex-husband/"baby daddy," Kim Kardashian is still a single mom.

Yes, I do realize that most people believe money compensates for whatever we may be lacking in their lives. I can't stop anyone from believing this nonsense, but I can explain why it doesn't make sense.

Yes, she has the money and resources to help her keep her life and family in order. But does that change the situation itself?

Well, you guys tell me — if you lose the most important person to you right now but win the lottery tomorrow, do you think the money will make up for the loss?

Assuming you answered "no" to the previous question, then in what world do nannies and chefs make up for the lack of a loving, present father?

Indeed, even those of us who grew up with relatively decent lifestyles know how often our parents were missing and how hurtful it was not to have one or both parents around when we needed them.

So, why do so many people dismiss Kim K. when she speaks about her experiences as a single mom?

Well, I'm sure it's partially because many believe rich people don't have feelings. I spoke more in-depth about that topic here:

But it's also likely because people base what they think about everyone's lives based on their highlight reels.

When we see Kim K or her children, they usually have fun, travel, wear the nicest clothes, and generally enjoy life. So, people can't fathom all the real-life moments they're experiencing behind the scenes.

Except in this case, they happen to have a great deal of these moments caught on film.

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